Had a bandh gala, didn’t you?

Had a bandh gala, didn’t you?

Many crib about the economy but secretly look forward to the joys of a total shutdown

Another bandh has come and gone and we have all dragged ourselves back to the drudgery of routine life.

Though the effectiveness of this form of political protest is suspect, there is always that silver lining. Metrolife takes a look at whom the bandh actually helps.


We are genuinely envious of those among you who get to sit at home when there is a bandh, strike or hartal. You can get up late, cook an elaborate meal, read a book and regain your mental equilibrium for the days ahead. Observe two minutes of silence for those who are slogging it out in office even on bandh day.


Children are among the most vocal supporters of bandhs, irrespective of the political affiliation of their parents. While usual workdays see them dragging themselves to school with heavy bags and heavier hearts, bandh days light
up their faces with smiles that warm the cockles of many a heart.  

Your family

Even if you live with your parents, chances are they hardly get to see you on weekdays dedicated to work, and weekends reserved for friends, parties and late nights.

Unexpected holidays like this are a chance for them to remember what your face looks like. The family can indulge in some real bonding.


Everyone is generally a little more cheerful during bandhs. The lack of playgrounds for kids is compensated for by roads turning into cricket grounds, potholes are no concern because people stay indoors, and traffic jams don’t make it to the front pages. No wonder the city’s officials send up a silent cheer every time a bandh is announced.

Fitness enthusiasts

A day with most vehicles off the road is the perfect occasion to go for a walk or a jog and be assured of reaching home safely.

Your pets

Cooped indoors for a better part of their life, they put up with your tantrums, meltdowns and drinking sessions on weekends. They are probably thankful for days like this when they get to spend time with you, maybe even go for a walk.

Your lungs

Fewer vehicles on the road means less pollution. You can have your own movie moment; stand on the street, take a deep breath, look up at the sky and smile. It will make for a great Instagram post.

Your ears

Unless your neighbour decides to enjoy the off day with a healthy dose of death metal, a bandh day is a good day to give your ears some rest from the usual honking, screeching and yelling.

Your wallet

Since you can’t go out, your wallet heaves a sigh of relief. Most restaurants and delivery places are closed too so you can’t order food — the kitchen finally gets to see some activity.