Had to compete with men, says DJ Paroma

Had to compete with men, says DJ Paroma

DJ Paroma

DJ Paroma, one of the most sought-after DJs, is known for playing commercial and Bollywood music at her gigs. She also will be releasing her new single pretty soon. Paroma Chatterjee initially worked for an airline and quit to become a DJ. She is an inspiration to many women who want to follow their passion. In a conversation with Malini Raghu, she shares about her experience and her connection with music.

What urged you to become a DJ?

I did not want to take up DJing specifically. I was getting out of a profession that I wasn’t enjoying at all. I broke down that I couldn’t make a right choice. Eventually, I started being open to wherever my heart took me and music happened.

What are the challenges you face in this supposedly ‘male-dominant’ industry?

There are quite a few petty ones. It was a male-dominating industry. Being a woman, entering the industry and facing the challenges right now will be more grave. Since there are many women in the field now, it would have been tougher to make a mark; I entered at a time where I had to compete with men to make a mark. The fact that the industry accepted me with open arms is what I want to hold close to my heart. There were other challenges too. I used to get bashed up emotionally; nobody motivated me for the choice I made. People told that this profession couldn’t take me anywhere and it is not socially acceptable for a woman to play music at pubs. I took it up because I didn’t find anything wrong with it. One has to focus on their skill, work harder and let it speak for itself so that you will earn the respect you deserve. I am blessed in a way that nobody ever talks to me in a disrespectful manner.

How do you overcome the negativity?

One needs to be clear about the directions they want to head; it might be difficult, but we should stay grounded. One can never make it if they are distracted by the society’s opinions. Let the positive thoughts be flowing.

Your favourite gig so far.

College festivals are always my favourite. The fest at IIT Roorkee, a few years ago, had an audience of about 10000 people; I can’t explain the connection I had with the crowd, it was beyond my expectations. I also like to go to smaller cities and not just stick with metropolitan cities.

Do you have a Bengaluru connect?

One of my first few gigs was at Bengaluru. The city has a different energy and vibe; I connect with the crowd. It is one of my favourite places to perform at.