Harmonious music in store

Harmonious music in store

The ‘Glorious Festival of Harmony’ will be held on August 9 and 10, 6 pm at Bishop Cotton Girl’s High School, St Mark’s Road.

It is  acknowledged as an all-inclusive platform where veteran musicians share foot-tapping space with just-born bands. The non-competitive ambience further commemorates the
fact that there is always room for one more singer and reason enough for one more song.

Glorious is a 25-year-old trend-setting gospel youth choir that has been spear-heading the movement for the restoration and revival of harmony singing in Bangalore.

 It has presented over 1,000 concerts across the country.When ‘The Glorious Festival of Harmony was conceptualised’ in 1993, it was a challenge to round up six choirs who would be ready with an off-season repertoire.

With its unprecedented encores over the years, the conventional misconception of choir music being boring is wiped away again and yet again as the Festival reiterates the  thrill of making happy music together. Entry to the concert is free.