A hilarious take on demonetisation

A hilarious take on demonetisation

‘Mataash’ traces the journey of a few youngsters who venture out in search of converted notes

After ‘Last Bus’, director S D Arvinda returns with his next titled, ‘Mataash.’ Arvinda explains that the title is a Kannada slang used among youngsters to describe an abrupt ending.

“Here, in this context, we are trying to say how Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes got ‘mataashed’ during demonetisation. We are trying to say that it had an abrupt ending. The film is pegged on how people’s lives have changed post demonetisation,” Arvinda tells Metrolife. 
Arvinda says this is a multi-starrer that features 14 youngsters -- all accomplished actors in their own right. “The actors are all aged between 21 and 35 years and they all have done their acting courses from accomplished acting institutes across the country,” says Arvinda.     
The story traces the journey of a few youngsters who venture out in search of converted notes. “The film is a hilarious take on demonetisation. It also throws light on how, post demonetisation, people have become greedy and exhort the situation to their advantage.

There’s love, romance and friendship packed into this narrative,” elaborates Arvinda.
The music is a unique aspect. Actor Puneeth Rajkumar, for the first time, sang in Uttara Karnataka dialect for a song called, ‘Chajji Rotti Chavalikai’. Vijay Prakash has sung a romantic comedy called ‘Water Tragedy’ and another song titled, ‘Namo Venkatesha’, a fun take on demonetisation. 

The director says that they have tried to break away from the mould of a comical thriller. “The climax of the movie is something to watch out for,” he assures.