'I am consumed by cricket'

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'I am consumed by cricket'

Samir Kochhar

As the anchor of India’s first television chat show on sex – Dangerous, he utters the most shocking things, displaying his bindaas attitude. But when it comes to presenting live cricket for the IPL, Samir Kochhar says he used to get nervous jitters in the beginning. “One gets an interesting high in presenting live cricket. But it is a new ball game altogether,” says Samir, who has been an IPL presenter for the last three seasons.

He still remembers what a wreck he was in the first season, “Though I’m a sports enthusiast I never really got around to playing the game professionally,” he says. So when the opportunity landed to get associated with cricket, he made sure to do his homework properly and researched about the game thoroughly, “Unlike movies, there are no retakes on live television,” he says, while adding, “but as the season progressed things became easier. Now I eagerly wait for the season to start.”

Interestingly, Samir’s movies releases have coincided with first and third season of the IPL. Jannat released during the first IPL season, while Hide and Seek and Prem Ka Game were released in the third season.

“It’s a mere coincident that all the films released during the IPL, but they have all fared pretty well,” he says. Soon Samir will be seen in an action thriller Chase, a movie where he plays a role of a assasin appointed by the government to clean up a  big mess.

“It was a challenging film for me. Anuj Saxena (actor and producer) and Udita Goswami are my co-stars in this action paced thriller. It was fun working with the latter again after Zehar. I really enjoyed doing chasing stunts and jumping from buildings as my character chased Anuj throughout the movie,” he explains.

But Samir’s ambitions for movies do not stop here. Samir soon wants to work with talented directors like Bhansali. There is still so much more I want to learn and do in this field. I don’t have any dream role as such but I want to try every interesting role,” says Samir.

So what are the future plans of this newly married man? “For now, I am consumed by cricket in my reel and real lives. But soon after the IPL, I want to take a break and spend some quality time with my lovely wife,” he signs off.

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