I found Ammana Mane therapeutic: Raghavendra

I found Ammana Mane therapeutic: Raghavendra

Actor Raghavendra Rajkumar talks about how working in ‘Ammana Mane’ brought back fond memories of his mother.

Actor Raghavendra Rajkumar talks about how working in ‘Ammana Mane’ brought back fond memories of his mother.

When veteran actor Raghavendra Rajkumar decided to return to acting after a gap of 14 years, he wanted a script that was not only gripping but also had a strong message. The actor says that the script of Nikhil Manjoo, ‘Ammana Mane’ had more than what he was asking for.

Raghavendra says he felt a sense of deja vu when he heard the script.

“It is surely coincidental but the last few scenes in the film were similar to the time I spent with my mother Parvathamma Rajkumar during her last days. I could easily relate to the script because I have been in a similar situation.  It was accidental but it brought back fond memories of being with my mother,” Raghavendra tells Metrolife. 

Raghavendra Rajkumar with his mother Parvathamma

He recalls that he spent many emotional moments with his mother and he shares the same moments on reel as well in ‘Ammana Mane’.

“Towards my mother Parvathamma’s last days, I fed her and bathed her. I do the same here as well,” he says.  

The actor also says that when he had a stroke, his wife took care of him like a mother would. “You will learn to value relationships after you watch this film,” he says.

He also recalls that his mother had expressed a desire to make a film with him in the lead. “When I heard the script it was so compelling that somewhere I felt my mother’s presence. It was like she was prompting me to take up this role,” he says.

About his character in the movie, Raghavendra says, “I play a physical trainer, an ordinary man, who tries to balance his emotions and life among his mother, wife and his daughter. He is someone who doesn’t want to antagonise anybody but wishes to take everybody along. He believes that life is about striking the right balance.”

The actor concedes that his role was a challenging one. “At 50 plus years, I had to play out the emotions of a son, a husband and a father. As the script unravelled, I realised that this is the story in everybody’s home. Mothers, wives and daughters will relate to the movie,” he says. 

In many ways, Raghavendra also sees this project as therapeutic. “My life was all about physiotherapy and coping with life after I suffered a stroke. After this project came along, I began looking forward to shooting. It was back to work again for me,” he says. The actor has also sung three songs. “It is a miracle that I am able to sing again,” he adds.  

The actor observes that he always wanted to work in parallel cinema and this script perfectly suited his taste. “Cinema is trial and error and I thoroughly enjoy the process,” he adds.

Raghavendra feels that there is a definite audience for offbeat cinema in the Kannada film industry. “The last four years have brought to Kannada cinema more than just entertainment. People are embracing different kinds of films,” he signs off.