I want to star in a dance film, says Tamannaah

I want to star in a dance film, says Tamannaah

Actress Tamannaah Bhatia will soon be seen in ‘Devi 2’ and ‘That’s Mahalakshmi’, remake of ‘Queen’.

Tamannaah Bhatia

The year started off on a good note for actress Tamannaah Bhatia with delivering a sensational dance performance in ‘KGF: Chapter 1’ and the good running of her Telugu movie ‘F2 – Fun and Frustration’ that released in January. Her role in Tamil film ‘Kanne Kalaimane’, released in February, was also much appreciated. She says that it is the best reviews she has gotten in her career.

She is currently working in ‘That’s Mahalakshmi’, the remake of the hit Bollywood film ‘Queen’; ‘Devi 2’ and a couple of other Tamil and Telugu films.

Metrolife caught up with the actor midst her busy schedule, and she spoke about her movies, career and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

You work in a lot of commercial films. How do you go about choosing your roles?

I don’t choose films based on whether it is commercial or offbeat. For me, the story needs to be engaging. Also, the movie team matters
to me; I collaborate with like-minded people whom
I can relate to.

You have been in the industry for14 years now. How has your journey as an actor been?

I started off very young; I grew up working in the movie industry. Even after 14 years, the excitement still remains. Post ‘Baahubali’, a lot of filmmakers approached me with a lot more diverse scripts and I chose not to stick to one kind of cinema. I now understand more clearly what I have to do; it is a feeling of starting all over again. I have grown as a person. I enjoy and am truthful to what I do.

You have carved a niche for yourself in the South Indian industry, but your Bollywood films haven’t done well. Do you find any difference in terms of reception between the two industries?

I did very few films in Bollywood, and most of them didn’t do well. I feel the industries function in a similar way. It is the cultural differences that predominantly make them different; South Indian movies are more about their culture.

What are your thoughts on digital platforms? Do you think they are affecting the traditional cinema?

People had to go to cinema halls for entertainment as there was nothing much for us to watch, but now we have so many options. I think it is healthy for us to have online content because it pushes people to make better content. Though there is some trouble in accepting, I feel it is for the better.

Will we see you shake a leg for ‘Devi 2’?

The dance sequences in ‘Devi’ were eye-catching, but ‘Devi 2’ doesn’t have any. The film, keeping the characters intact, has quite a different script from the first part. I enjoyed working in ‘Devi 2’.

What made you choose to act in the remake of ‘Queen’?

‘Queen’ made Kangana Ranaut a household name. I wanted to do this film because it is a great story narrating a person’s journey in the purest form. I was also able to relate to the character.

You have a lot on your plate now. How do you find time for yourself?

I am quite a workaholic; I enjoy working. If I want to de-stress or take time off, it will inevitably be with my family and friends.

Any plans to act in Kannada films?

I am reading a lot of scripts. I am a little busy with my Tamil and Telugu commitments. But when the time is right, I will do a film in Kannada as well.

What is the one role that you dream of to play?

I always wanted to do an out and out dance film. It is something that takes time, and I hope that it happens in the near future.

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