Love and understand your physique: UK bodybuilders

Love and understand your physique: UK bodybuilders

Fitness icons Marguerita Vonral and Tom Coleman talk about the importance of staying fit and eating healthy.

Marguerita Vonral and Tom Coleman.

International fitness icons Marguerita Vonral, who has made a career through bikini contests and Tom Coleman, a professional bodybuilder, were in the city recently to judge the BodyPower Fit Factor zonal championship. In a quick chat with Metrolife, they talked about fitness and the city.

What’s your day like when you are off work?

Marguerita: So, we wake up, walk the dogs and usually train five to six times a week. Our fitness regime has one cheat meal and it’s all not about going overboard with calories. We follow a healthy diet.

What has fitness taught you?

Tom: That you need to have a balance in life and in whatever you do and you have to work hard. I’ve always worked towards my goal and will continue to do so as it is a passion.

Marguerita: Yes, you need to be you and learn to love yourself while working hard to be your best.

Your advice to sporting an ideal body...

Marguerita: There is no right or wrong body type. One must realise that they’re more than what they look like. It’s about loving yourself and understand that to get to your best physique there are processes involved and you must be patient. When you’re in this field, you will also realise that people love you for what and who you are, regardless of what you look like.

What’s the difference between the fitness culture in the West and in India?

Tom: In UK, people might not want to listen to professional advice. Here,  they’re enthusiastic. The response to a fitness brand was unexpectedly positive in India.

Marguerita: There are very few women in the gyms and competitions. The lack of knowledge about working out can be because there aren’t many role models.

 Is this your first visit to Bengaluru? What’s the one misconception that you’ve had about India?

Marguerita: Well, that’s a difficult one to answer. The contradiction that I saw on the streets was unexpected. There were slums and shacks alongside five-star hotels and malls. 

How has Bengaluru been different from other places?

Tom: I think the people here are very warm and the fitness culture is westernised which is nice to see.

What’s your advice for people who want to take to fitness rather seriously?

Tom: Learn to fail! Everyone will lose at some point but don’t give up. When you’re passionate, you just have to keep giving your best and learn from it.