Marathon on mind?Here are some tips

Marathon on mind?Here are some tips

Maintaining a carbohydrate-rich diet, sleeping well and staying alert during a running event are must, say marathoners.

December marks a series of running events in Bengaluru. Runners in the city shed light on how to prepare for the events and things to keep in mind, just before and during an event.

The ‘Bengaluru Midnight Marathon’ which is this weekend includes its full and half marathon starts post midnight.

Atif Umar, senior vice-president of Citibank, will be running the full marathon at the event.

“Runners are used to sleeping early, and the first thing one has to change for a night event is to change their sleeping pattern. I’ve started sleeping late and getting up late to shift my time towards midnight. I also take caffeinated drinks (like a Thumbs Up or a Redbull) which help me stay alert. I will have a sip of a drink during the run too,” he says. 

He points out that while there will be volunteers at the beginning of the event, it is best to stock up water bottles for the night ahead. “Staying hydrated is a must during any running event,” adds Atif. 

Most runners have a protein-rich diet and less of carbohydrates throughout, but increase their carb-intake while prepping for a run. He says, “Simpler carb-rich food like idlis or rice is good choice. Beetroot juice is also good as it increases the blood-oxygen level. One could have a snack like dates or nutrition bars an hour before the race.”

Deepti Karthik, a homemaker wants to attempt a full marathon in Delhi in 2019, and is running the 30k Run of the Thump! Celebration Bengaluru Marathon as a practice run.

“One needs to work on their endurance level to run full marathons. When training for an event one works with tempo or speed runs and a mix of more workouts but a week before the event one needs to slow down,” she says.    

Karthik Anand, a businessman, who will be running the 50 km run in Ultra Marathon Bengaluru, says agrees that the tapering phase should be followed strictly.

“It is important to be fresh on the day of the event. Make sure you cut down on your racing time weeks before the event. I have been working on mileage, around 90 to 100 km in a week, which I will drop down towards the event,” he says.  

One should not attempt running the event on an empty stomach, he adds. “A warmup session before the run is also advised. Overspeeding during the race without a proper judgment of one’s energy can be dangerous. Follow your instructor’s advice and do not get carried away,” he says.

Marathoner Thomas Bobby Philip believes that preparations for running events happen according to event specifics. “A larger event will have more competition which requires more effort than for a local event,.Your confidence levels should be at the highest,” he says. 

Having a positive state of mind is a must, he says. “Every running event or marathon should be treated as a celebration. If you’re running, don’t forget to sport a smile and be patient with co-runners.” 


Runs lined up

- December 8: Bengaluru Midnight Marathon 2018

Where: KTPO, Whitefield

Contact: 91083 56417

- December 16: Thump! Celebration Bengaluru Marathon

Where: Nice Toll Plaza, adjacent to PES IT College, Nayandahalli Junction

Contact: 99807 44332

- December 23: Ultra Marathon Bengaluru

Where: The Art of Living International Centre, Kanakpura Road

Contact: 92062 65087


‘Prepare with a health check-up’

“Before a running event, it is a must to get a health checkup done. The ideal time to go for a checkup is three months prior to the event but a visit even a week before the event is better than not going.”

Thomas Bobby Philip, marathoner


Some dos and don’ts

- Stay hydrated.

- Cut down on outside food.

- Rest well. Sleep will affect your run.

- Do not try new shoes or attire on event day.

- Do not consume alcoholic beverages before/night prior to the event.

- When travelling to another city for an event, make sure you reach the afternoon prior to the event.