Metro People

Metro People

(L to R) Shruthi Y Arun (principal), Nityasree Pola, Nikkita Rosalyn Charles, Uditi Mourya, Treya Moodithaya and Swapnal Sarangarajan (senior coordinator).

(L to R) Shruthi Y Arun (principal), Nityasree Pola, Nikkita Rosalyn Charles,
Uditi Mourya, Treya Moodithaya and Swapnal Sarangarajan (senior coordinator).


Authors at 12

Four girls of EuroSchool Whitefield, Bengaluru of class 7 - Uditi Mourya, Treya Moodithaya, Nikkita Rosalyn and Nityasree Pola have published their first book ‘The Chronicles of Wizardry’.

These girls got inspired by reading the Harry Potter series. The book is about a boy called Jason, who discovers that he is blessed with magical powers and the challenges he faces in the School of Wizardry.

The four girls used their lunch breaks to discuss the storyline, plots, their thoughts and ideas. ‘The Chronicles of Wizardry’ is a collaborative effort in terms of writing, reviewing and editing and finally publishing the book by these kids.

It took them one academic year to complete the book. The book is now available at Amazon.




Bengaluru boy winner of ‘India Skills 2018’

Pranav Nutalapoti, a 17-year-old student from Banaswadi, Bengaluru studying in Aptech Learning won ‘India Skills 2018’ competition in the ‘Web Technologies’ category. He has been awarded a gold medal and cash reward of 1,00,000. The finals will be held in Russia.


Gowri Deepak

Homemaker wins a special title at the beauty pageant

Mother of two, Gowri Deepak, recently won the ‘Mrs India Galaxy Magnetic’ title at an event in Delhi. 
The event, hosted by Vibrant Concepts in Delhi, was titled ‘Mrs India Galaxy’ and saw a total of 40 participants from different states. Gowri also made it to the top six finalists in the pageant.
“In the cultural round, I dressed up as a bride from Karnataka. And I chose to sing a Hindustani classical song in the talent round which received a lot of appreciation,” she says. 
Gowri, who runs a company that curates events for children, has also participated in Mrs India International which was held in Malaysia recently. 
Gowri has acted in ad films and has always been passionate about modelling and acting. “It was a challenge to compete with contestants half my age yet I managed.”






Ankit Samdariya


The man behind the co-working space 'The Hive'


Ankit Samdariya, who was the former Vice President, Investments and Asset Management at Virtuous Retail South Asia is the brain behind ‘The Hive’, a chain of premier collaborative workspaces. His passion for technology, design, and community building led to its establishment in late 2016.

Blurring lines between personal, social, and professional lives, ‘The Hive’ offers seamless access to state-of-the-art retail, hospitality and entertainment; giving a perfect mix of work and play.

He has also been associated with companies like Xander Group, Royal Dutch Shell, International Finance Corporation in Delhi, and with Denham Capital in Houston.