100 years old, and all new

100 years old, and all new

The White House Diner is filled with antique pieces.

How about a date in a 100-year-old house in Bengaluru? Yes, you heard that right.

A vintage house in Fraser Town has been renovated and converted into a restaurant. It serves Continental, American, Italian and Indian cuisines. 

In tune with the colour of the house, Charles Hayward, the owner, kept its name as ‘The White House Diner’. It also has colour-specific rooms just like the White House. 

Take a quick tour of the place before you start your gastronomic journey. You will find something antique in every corner. There is a piano which is over 60 years and is made of teak wood. The centre table, also made of teak, has handwritten manuscripts placed under the glass. ‘Star of David’, made of rosewood, has been redesigned into a cup holder. These unique pieces complement the classic aura of the restaurant.

Find your favourite spot and make yourself comfortable. You will be welcomed with a complimentary appetiser, the ‘Minestrone Soup’. The thick tomato creamy soup is the best way to start your meal. While you enjoy the soup, take a look at the menu. If you are looking for something vegetarian, ask for  ‘Hola Paneer’ and ‘Broccoli Bombs’. The soft and finely spiced and flavoured paneer pieces are sure to tickle your taste buds instantly. The ‘Broccoli Bombs’ is another must try. Blended with pickled Jalapenos is a mouthwatering choice. For your non-vegetarian starters, the ‘Chimmichuri Wings’ is a unique pick. The parsley and coriander flavoured chicken wings give it a very distinct taste than the usual wings. However, if this doesn’t suit your taste, fret not, the menu has two other variety of wings. The ‘Prawn Bombs’ is another highlight. The crunchy, grilled prawns wrapped in chicken mince and crumb dried is worth a try. 

Though the portions are pretty generous, the best part is you don’t feel stuffed. However, be aware not to fill yourself up. There is a lot more to try. If you are a pasta lover, you can’t let go of the ‘Mac and Cheese Chicken’ pasta. Macaroni tossed in perfectly cooked white creamy sauce with generous amount of grated cheese is the best thing to happen to a pasta lover. 

The menu also has an array of North Indian dishes that you can savour. ‘Dal Makhani’ and ‘Jeera Rice’ is a classic and one of their fast moving items. You can try the dal with butter naan too. 

While you are almost finishing up with your main course, ask for a bowl of ‘Creme Brulee’, to complete your meal. The classic vanilla custard with a 
caramelized top is the perfect way to treat yourself. ‘Live By Chocolate’ is another option you might want to try.