19-year-old to represent India in world championship

19-year-old to represent India in world championship

Aniketh Arya

Aniketh Arya, 19, found interest in Rubik’s cube after watching some videos on YouTube. “I learnt how to solve it through videos. I started looking for competitions I could partake in soon after,” he shares. 

It has been almost five years since he discovered his love for solving the cube.

Last month, he emerged as the winner of the Re-scrambles Mixed category at the national finals of the Rubik’s Cube World Championship 2019. The competition was designed in conjunction with the speed-cubing community.

Participants had to face one another in a series of knockout rounds to find out who is the fastest cube solver. The competition was held in four categories: ‘Speedcubing mixed’, ‘Speedcubing women’, ‘Fastest Hand’ and ‘Re-Scramble’.

Aniketh beat his own timing of 47.010 seconds at the competition by finishing in 28.934 seconds. This is his second win at the national levels. Last year, he went to Boston to compete at the world finals. 

He is now preparing to represent India in the World Championships which is to be held in Moscow in November.