American style cafe in Whitefield

American style cafe in Whitefield

Whitefield finally gets its own coffee bar — where the beans (from their estate in Chikkamagaluru) are roasted and grounded in the backyard — making your coffee
fresher, stronger and more aromatic.

‘Bogineni Black’, located in the calm locales of Whitefield, is surrounded by an abundance of greenery. The 30,000 sqft area, previously a fruit farm consisting of chikoo, green apple, avocado and date trees, is now converted into a cafe.  

Spread across two floors, the ambience of the place gives out a rugged and antique vibe. While the sofa seating inside the cafe reminds you that of a classic American diner, the picnic tables outside make for a perfect date setup.

There is also a corner for book lovers, who would like to sip on hot coffee and spend some alone time. 

We visited this place on a Monday evening when Bengaluru traffic was a little calm. We took a walk around the cafe before settling down, only to be in awe with the enormous space. 

We began with a bowl of Mushroom Soup, perfect thickness of the broth made the soup creamy and rich. The crushed peppercorns balanced the earthy flavour of the mushroom soup. However, the garlic bread could have been crispier. 

Chicken wings are my weakness, whenever I see a mention of it in a menu, I have to try them. So, the ‘Buffalo Wings’ at this place was a must-try. I was blown in the first bite.

The spiciness wasn’t overpowering the dish and we could enjoy the wings by keeping the water aside. The meat was tender and the spice was evenly spread.   

Then came the ‘Spicy Sausage Pizza’. The thin crust base was topped marinara sauce, a dollop of cheese, pork sausage and jalapeno. Every bite of the pizza slice was crisp and evenly baked. It was cheesy and flavourful. 

For the main course, we tried the ‘Grilled Chicken Steak with Mushroom Jus’. This dish was the winner of the night and a personal favourite. The steak dipped in the creamy textured mushroom sauce perfectly complemented the butter-fried veggies and rice. The chicken was tender and juicy. Though the salt in it was a pinch less, the mushroom sauce balanced the dish. 

We ended our meal with a walnut brownie, fresh out of their oven. It was soft and every bite had a hint of freshness. 


Bogineni Black is located at 87/2A and 87/3, SH 35, Whitefield, Hoskote Road, Chaitanya Ananya, Seegehalli, Krishnarajapura.

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