Desi food in London street ambience

Desi food in London street ambience

Up for some vegetarian food? Head out to ‘London Curry House’ for a unique experience.

Nestled in the quiet streets of Seshadripuram, ‘London Curry House’ is one of the best places to unwind and relax after a long day. The bright lights and decor will brighten up anybody’s mood. This dine-out restaurant also helps you enjoy the city’s weather while you soak yourself in their mouth-watering cuisine.

The menu has a variety of dishes offering a global flavour. It is a perfect culinary blend of Indian food, as it touches and infuses all the spices and flavours of the authentic cuisine.
The place also draws influences from the cobblestone alleys of London. Their innovative dishes will entice one with their creativity and beautiful presentation.

It takes quite the time to choose from the variety of delicacies they offer. But no worries, the staff are polite and will patiently take your orders with a huge smile.If you want to start with something light, try their ‘Double Bubble sweet corn soup’. ‘Sev Puri Pizza Isstyle’, their chaat is also worth a try. If you are someone who likes chocolate, their ‘Videshi Chocolatey Dahi Puri’ is a must-try.

For the main course, they have an extensive selection of gravies and accompaniments. If you are in for something unusual, try their ‘Railway Isstyle Rofta Curry with Poori’. The mouth melting dumpling served with curry makes for a perfect combination. Also their layered ‘Lasagna Style Panner Palak’ is surely a treat to your taste buds.

They have also got Pizzas on their menu if you are craving for some Italian food. Their ‘Wood Oven Cheese and Corn Pizza’ is a huge hit. ‘Half ticket to Italy Pizza’ is another option you can try out. Their portions are generous and more than sufficient for one person.

The restaurant is also popular for ice-creams. Ask for their ‘Toffee Tart’. This Nutella chocolate tart served with ice cream will surely leave you asking for more. Kulfi Falooda, Oreo Brownie Avalanche and fried ice cream are some other options you can try if you are someone who loves to experiment with food.

If you feel like having a drink, well you are in the right place. ‘Firangi Paani’, a cocktail of white rum, vodka, gin, tequila, orange liquor, kiwi puree tipped with soda, is the crowd favourite. You will certainly remember this drink for a while. Their ‘Baba Ji ki Booti’ and ‘Baba Moshai’ are also worth the try. 

‘London Curry House’is located in 19/2, Crescent Rd, Kumarapark West, Sheshadripuram. For details, call 2220 9090.