A fur-tastic journey

A fur-tastic journey

Harleen Singh with her pets.

I’ve always grown up with dogs. So when I moved to Sydney to pursue my masters, I really missed the company of a dog. That’s when Bruno came into my life.

No one else wanted to take him home because he was a premature puppy. The minute I saw his cute face, I knew that I had to take him home. 

He lived with me until I finished my masters and moved with me to Singapore when I got a job there. But soon I realised that I did not want to work for a corporate company and decided to move back to India. And then came the trouble. 

It took me three months and 21 days to get Bruno from Singapore to Bengaluru. Running around government offices, getting permissions, paying for his boarding in Singapore – after all that chaos, Bruno landed here on November 23, 2013. 

The minute he was out of the airport, I remember just saying ‘hi Bruno’ and he howled and whined till he was let out of the cage. Once he was in my arms, he just fell asleep. That’s when I truly realised that I was responsible for this tiny creature’s happiness and wellbeing. 

Ever since Bruno has come into my life, I’ve become a responsible person. I guess happiness comes with that. He knows when I’m upset and he’ll come sit by my side and lick me.
Bruno is a very sensitive dog. He doesn’t get along well with other dogs at all and there are very few human beings, other than me, whom he really likes. He will choose to be with his people he likes even overeating yummy chicken.

He will want to sleep with you in your bed and on the same pillow. Ever since I got my other two dogs, Whiskey and Glen, Bruno prefers to stay with my parents. He doesn’t like sharing his space and love with them. 

And it definitely made me very sad that I couldn’t keep all three with me, but then you have to do whatever it takes for the comfort of your pets.

Bruno loves my mom and gets along really well with her. And I’m taking care of the two brats who really need the care since they suffered from parvo. 

All I’d like to say is that we should always think about what is best for our pets. Whiskey and Glen need me right now and Bruno needs his own little place where he doesn’t have to worry about other dogs. 

So until I can have a nice big house of my own with a lovely garden, this is how these three kids will live.