Giving shape to creativity

Giving shape to creativity

Padma Priya creates fashion jewellery using tassels, freshwater pearls, feathers and Rivoli stones.

Though a music teacher by profession, H J Padma Priya’s passion has always been arts and crafts. It is this interest that has prompted her to make earrings, neckpieces and bracelets for the past one-and-half years. 

“I have been in love with fashion jewellery for a long time now but whenever I went to buy something, there was always something lacking in those pieces. So I started creating the designs that came to mind when I looked at those accessories and that’s how it started,” says Padma Priya.  

Explaining that she has been creatively inclined since childhood, Padma Priya says that she doesn’t follow a set design, but explores different themes.

Padma Priya

“I started creating accessories that are more of statement pieces. For example, I have made a ‘Love For The Sea’ collection, a vintage collection, ones with elements of ‘Game of Thrones’, charms symbolising popular music bands like Guns N’ Roses and jewellery with music notation,” she says. Recently, Padma Priya also upcycled a pair of shoes using Rivoli stones.

Some of her other popular creations are an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ charm bracelet, trumpet drop earrings, tassel earrings she made with chiffon fabric and light blub charm earrings.

Talking about her most unique creation, she says, “I had a lot of fun making a pink layered bracelet with Rivoli stones and matching earrings. For this, I loved working on different shapes like square and oval. It is a statement piece that one can wear for an evening party or along with formal outfits.”

A firm believer of the idea that people need to make time to follow their passion, no matter how busy they are with regular jobs, she invests a little time every day to pursue her hobby. 

Padma Priya says, “Ideas keep coming to me throughout the day. After winding up my work, I sit down at night and give shape to those ideas. Music has played an important role in my life and helped me see the beauty in everything.”    

When asked what she mostly uses for her jewellery, she says, “I use tassels, freshwater pearls, feathers and Rivoli stones. I curate some of my raw materials from Hong Kong; this is for precision. The other raw materials are sourced locally.”

Sourcing materials from other places means that sometimes it takes almost two months for the items to reach her. Though it is a costly affair, she says that it is not the financial aspect but the long wait that makes her restless.

A strong support system at home is a motivating factor; her parents and husband encourage her fascination for all art forms. This has emboldened her to pursue her future plans of opening a jewellery studio one day and collaborating with a fashion designer.

Padma Priya uses the name ‘Alankruti Art Platform’ on social media to promote her work.