It is very difficult to please Bengaluru audience

It is very difficult to please Bengaluru audience

Roshni Prakash

The director and lead actors of ‘Kavaludaari’ were at the DH office prior to the film’s release.

Metrolife caught up with the female lead Roshni Prakash as she spoke about her character in the film, her experience acting with seniors like Anant Nag and more.

Tell us about your character in the film.
I play the role of Priya; she is just like any other girl. Any independent woman who is trying to lead a peaceful and stress-free life will relate to her. The film traces the struggles she goes through as the sole breadwinner of the house.

With not much makeup on, I had to do the job just by bringing out the right expressions. I looked through a lot of references, did a lot of research and worked on my skills; nothing comes easy.

How was it to work with a senior actor like Anant Nag?
I had the time of my life shooting with Anant Nag. It is difficult to find someone of his stature to be so humble and down to earth. I feel blessed to have worked with him. Also, the man is like an encyclopaedia. He knows anything and everything, not just about acting.

Although I have no on-screen time with him, I got a chance to watch him live in the studio. I was smiling all the time when he was around.

Was acting always your calling?
Well, acting as a profession was not on my list. After graduating in engineering, I applied for Masters in Australia and got into a good university. But, there was something missing and I could feel it. Co-incidentally, I got a casting call and that is when everything changed. I am happy about the choice I made.

‘Kavaludaari’ is your second film, how welcoming do you think Kannada industry is for freshers?
For me screen time doesn’t matter; even if it is a 5-minute role, the character should have significance and make a difference. I don’t want to be eye candy, but sadly, it is the case in our industry today. Many big budget films are mostly male-centric and there is a heroine just for the sake of it.

Having said that, I think with directors like Hemanth, Pawan Kumar, Raam Reddy and Satya Prakash, our industry is writing a new future. Also, there was a huge gap between art films and commercial films back then. With the changing trend, I can say that the future feels secure.

Adding to that, what do you have to say about the Kannada audience?
We all know it is a difficult job to impress Kannadigas, especially Bengalureans. The city has people of all descents and hence, they are exposed to great works in various genres and languages. So, to stand out, one has to be on par or even better.

Also, the audience is welcoming these days. They appreciate good work and that is the best part.