On my pinboard: Jaggesh

On my pinboard: Jaggesh


Actor-cum-politician Jaggesh entered the film industry as an assistant film director. He made his acting debut with ‘Ibbani Karagithu’ which was directed by K V Jayaram.

After being noticed for his roles in ‘Sangrama’ and ‘Ranadheera’, Jaggesh went on to play many character-driven roles and has acted in more than 145 films till date. ‘Krishna Nee Kunidaga’, directed and produced by Dwarakish, was a turning point in his career.  

His first lead role was in ‘Bhanda Nanna Ganda’, which was written by him. His last releases were ‘Neer Dose’ and ‘Melkote Manja’. 

Jaggesh entered politics in 1999. He was affiliated with the Congress party initially and later moved to the Bharatiya Janata Party. 


Dr Rajkumar

“He was a great artiste; an epitome of humility and dedication. He was a father figure to me. I still remember the first time met him; it was magical. I was mesmerised by his discipline, punctuality and the way he spoke to everyone. He was very down to earth. He was also God-fearing and was a family-oriented man. I love all his films though ‘Mayura’ is my favourite. I was lucky enough to have worked with his son, Shivarajkumar.” 


Bhimsen Joshi 

“I love Hindustani music and am a student of Hindustani music myself. I am a big fan of Bhimsen Joshi, he is able to transition between low and high notes with ease. My collection comprises all the bhajans sung by him till date, though I listen to other music done by him too. I was lucky to have attended two of his


Mother Nanjamma 

“My mother has been my continuous inspiration. Though she passed away a long time ago, her words still inspire me. She was a soft-spoken and peace-loving lady. When everyone doubted about my future, she believed in me and always thought that I would make it big. She knew she would not be around to see my success but she always said inspiring words which still remain in my mind.”   


Roti and palak paneer

“I was a big foodie but my approach to food has changed a lot now. My favourite vegetarian dishes are ‘Roti and palak paneer’ and ‘Ragi mudde and bassaru’ and ‘Masoppu’, among other dishes. I love vegetarian food and I have realised that I have changed as a person after I became a vegetarian. I am not aggressive, feel very energetic and my weight is also under control.” 


‘Bhagavad Gita’

“I love reading and my favourite books are mythological ones. I am a God-fearing individual and it is my mother who taught me about the importance of reading the holy books. Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata are my favourite books. I have understood a lot about life and how to go about life through the Bhagavad Gita. The book taught me many life lessons including never to tell lies and to be content with what one has.”


New York

“Travel helps me find peace within myself and also helps break the monotony. I love visiting New York with friends, I love the Times Square and New York City among other places in the US. The vibes of the city are very live and we love spending time there till midnight. For my spiritual needs, I love visiting Mantralayam. My wife and I love going to that place. I strongly believe that the place gifted me with my wife and my sons.” 

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