No plastic at lit fest

No plastic at lit fest

Drawings by Nafisa

Nafisa Crishna

Bangalore Lit Festival followed plastic and flex free protocol.

Along with fostering meaningful dialogues, enriching discussions and healthy debates, the festival also reflected on the ‘Flex Beda’ campaign. The backdrop of each stage featured handmade drawings by Nafisa Nandini Crishna, Bengaluru-based artist. Famous places in Bengaluru like Richards park, Blossom Book House, Koshys were featured.

All the drawings were from Nafisa’s ‘Looking for Bangalore’ series. Each drawing took her about 27 to 37 hours. “I am adding more to the ‘Looking for Bangalore’ series. My upcoming works include the Gandhi Bazaar streets, Vidyarthi Bhavan and the streets of Malleshwaram,” she adds. She is also planning to put up an exhibition of her works sometime soon.