Pavan Varma articles released in book form

Pavan Varma articles released in book form


Pavan Varma

Pavan K Varma, known to many for his political career — transitioning from diplomat to Member of Parliament to National General Secretary and National Spokesman of the Janata Dal, is also a prolific writer. 

He launched his latest book ‘Chanakya’s View: Understanding India in Transition’ on September 16 at Atta Galatta. The book is a collection of his columns that cover a great range of issues of extreme relevance in today’s India.

Author of the bestselling book, Adi Shankaracharya: Hinduism’s Greatest thinker, Varma has about 10 books and several translations under his belt. 

“I hope that my book will ignite a discussion. We are, unfortunately, living in an India where the space for civilised discussion and discourse is receding. We have a legacy of dialogue, from the Upanishads to the freedom movement,” he shares. 

Through the book, Varma analyses the challenges that the country faces and the changes Indians needs to make, such as respecting institutions, shunning intolerance and, accommodating dissent. The book is a celebration and critique of India.

“People should not allow the country and the conversation to be hijacked by illiterate bigots. To that end, they must ensure that they are informed about public issues,” he adds.

A spiritual person, Varma finds inspiration in both, India’s spiritual legacy and its politics.

Politics, he believes, provides one with a wide spectrum of issues to think and speak about.