Ranganayaki is a gift from god: actress Aditi

She says that the film will push the audience to think about rape victims and the struggles they face

Aditi Prabhudeva

Actress Aditi Prabhudeva is on cloud nine after her woman-oriented film ‘Ranganayaki: Volume 1 - Virginity’ hit the screens on Friday. This film which talks about rape is one of the films to be showcased in the Panorama section of the 50th International Film Festival of India (IFFI).  In a candid conversation, Aditi tells Metrolife about the film, her role and journey so far. 

How strikingly different is this film from other women issue-based films?

The film tells a gritty tale. It stands different from most women-issue based films as it pinpoints on how a woman fights the stigma of rape. The film also defines different words like love, virginity, among others.

With so many sexual harassment and rape cases being reported, everyone will be able to relate to the film. The film will push the audience to think: ‘What would have happened if the Delhi rape case victim Nirbhaya was alive?’.

What made you agree to this project? 

For me being an actor is nothing but exploring different characters. I am particular about the roles I play. Ranganayaki is a gift from god. Anybody can look glamorous these days but portraying a strong role and being called a performer is different. 

I had no reason to refuse my role in ‘Ranganayaki’. 

Was it difficult to portray the role? How did you prepare for it? 

The role was quite challenging. In real life, I am someone who is always surrounded by people and has never faced any sexual harassment. I am an emotional and sensitive person. But Ranganayaki is different. Her situations, body language and her perspectives are different. The film changed my perception of a lot of things and demanded a lot out of me. I was away from social media and wasn’t even using my mobile phone so that I could be in the character entirely. I learnt about several things during the shooting of the film; I didn’t know about medical tests that are done after a rape incident. I had to read about rape cases and laws dealing with it.  There were several emotional scenes, where I broke down. I didn’t use glycerine for most of the scenes.  

Do you feel the film will spread a message or make any difference in the society?

I feel like I am representing several harassed voices in the society, through this film. We have created the film to spread the message that men should stand by women and be a good support system when the former faces any challenging situations. The film aims to say that men should celebrate women. 

Do you believe that ‘Ranganayaki’ could change your career?

I’ve mostly played bubbly characters. This film gives me a chance to be a performer and not a heroine. I want to be remembered, even if I quit the industry.

How was it to act with actor-director M G Srinivas?

He is very nice to work with. We had to shoot intense and uncomfortable scenes and M G Srinivas was very supportive.  

A dream role you want to play...

I do what my heart says and am always on the lookout for fresh scripts. I would also like to do more strong films like ‘Ranganayaki’. At the moment I am busy with four other films.

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