Ranjana Raju, 64 and beauty pageant runner-up

Ranjana Raju, 64 and beauty pageant runner-up

Sixty-four-year-old Ranjana Raju became the second runner-up of a beauty contest held by a well-known magazine. 

The contest was initially held for women belonging to two age groups -- 25 to 35 and 36 to 50. 

A retired banker, Ranjana didn’t like the idea of an upper age limit.

“Women above 50 are also beautiful. It is totally ageist and politically incorrect to have an upper age limit.”

She and one of her friends wrote to the organisers, and they changed the upper age limit to 65.

“When they changed, I had to enter. They selected me, which was unexpected. The whole experience was thrilling,” she details.

“Women in their 60s are vibrant. I am proud to have done something that can be inspiring for older women,” she told Metrolife.