RJ fond of animals, wilderness

RJ fond of animals, wilderness

Rohitt is an RJ turned actor. He was seen in movies like Karvaa and Buckaasuura. He is currently a Music Jockey at 92.7 BIG FM. His celebrity talk show 'Nimma Stars Namma Rockstar Jothe' has many fan following. He was one of the top five contestants of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 2.

My perfect weekend would be relaxing with good food, a visit to the spa or some other similar comforting activities. Since a profession like mine is quite demanding, I try to make the most of my off days as and when I get them. 

I generally try to get out of the city and head to our farm with my friends and family. Plucking fresh fruits and vegetables and spending time in the lap of nature is an ideal weekend pastime for me.

For an actor, the most important thing is to be fit. I keep myself fit by playing football. I have a group of friends from school and we try to catch up at least twice a month when we get together and head to one of the football arenas in the city.

During the weekend, I also try to write scripts for my films which is in fact, quite relaxing.

Food plays a big role in my life. I am a foodie and like to try different cuisines. I am a teetotaller, so whenever there is a plan to go out, I ask my friends to look for a place where I can try out the food. I love Lebanese cuisine and look for places that serve authentic Lebanese fare.

I have a new found interest in horse riding and I am also taking classes for it. Travelling is something that interests me.

Apart from travelling for work, I try to travel for leisure at least once a year as it’s difficult to take leave from my radio shows and shooting commitments. 

Taking trips to quieter places amidst nature and animals relaxes me.   

Spending time with my family is very important for me. Whenever I have an off-day, I make sure to be home. Even if I am not doing anything but lazing around and eating good food at home, it’s the perfect way to spend time.

As a family, we have breakfast together every day. This way we make sure to have at least one meal together.

I am a movie buff. I watch at least one movie every night and weekends are nothing different. I try to catch up on the movies that I have missed; this helps me unwind.

A few of my favourite things

* Phone

* Money

* Food