Sanchari Vijay attempts first fight scene

Sanchari Vijay attempts first fight scene

The actor referred to a lot of medical studies in order to prepare for his role, which was a challenging process

Aatakkuntu Lekkakkilla’, released on Friday and is creating much buzz. The murder-mystery, crime-thriller aims to make people understand about a condition which exists in everyone.

Sanchari Vijay plays one of the leads in the film, Purushotham, a family man. In a candid chat with Metrolife, the actor spoke about his role, film and more.

What does the title mean and what does the film explore?

The title ‘Aatakkuntu Lekkakkilla’ is like the twelfth player in cricket. It means although you are a part of the team, you are not counted. The film centres on the idea that people are only important when they are around. 

When many heard the title, they assumed that the film is a comedy. Some watched the trailer and felt it was a horror film but it is a crime thriller.  

Tell us about the film. 

In the world, all human beings have a certain disorder but we are not aware of it. Most people commit crimes because they are suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, which is what the movie deals with.

My character, Purushotham, lives with his wife Meghana (played by Mayuri) in the film and there are two parallel stories. When people watch this film, it will definitely help reduce crime rate as many will be able to rectify their own issues.  

What convinced you to work in this film?

When I heard the story, I told the director that I probably have symptoms of the disorder. The film has a suspense element to it and when the audience sees the film, they will relate to it.

The director was involved in the medical field earlier and he has drawn inspiration from his own experiences. I was deeply impressed by the storyline. Content is always a hero for me.

How challenging was the role?

I have been blessed with challenging roles always and I find this very fulfilling. Every role that I have done in the past has tested me as an artist and helped me explore myself. My character has various shades and sports different looks in the film.

I referred to a lot of medical studies and material to perfect my performance.

I did a fight sequence in the film, which is my first. I found it very difficult. In commercial films stunts are introduced to please the audience, but here there is a strong reason for it. 

As an award-winning actor, have you ever felt worried about the roles you choose?

I do not feel such pressure. Before entering the industry, I had decided that I wanted to explore multiple roles. I do not regret trying any role

and I am happy with every project I have been a part of.

What roles do you want to explore?

I do not plan for roles. I am ready to work all types of characters as I believe that is what every actor must do. 

Name some directors you want to work with. Who are your favourites?

I would love to work with Mani Ratnam and Rajkumar Hirani. I have enjoyed working with Mansore and he is someone I am comfortable with. He understands the artiste in me. I also want to work with directors like Pawan Kumar, Duniya Suri, and Prashanth Neel.