Sumeet enjoys writing for web series

Sumeet enjoys writing for web series

The second season of TVF Tripling aired last Friday


When many Bollywood A-listers are now trying to pave a path in the web series world, Sumeet Vyas became a digital star with TVF shows ‘Permanent Roommates’ (2014) and ‘Tripling’ (2016).

Since then, he has been a supporting actor in Bollywood films and done a number of other web series as well. And now, he’s back again with the second season of Tripling with Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar, which went live last Friday.

The popular actor, writer and theatre artiste was in the town for the screening of the web series. Anila Kurian caught up with Sumeet to talk the fun road trip the web series world has been for him.

You wrote the second season of Triplings. What was the writing process like? 
Since the series appeared in 2016, there was a lot of time in between. I started writing this again a year back even though I was doing another show with the BBC. But before leaving the show, writer-director Akrash Khurana and I had decided to start working on the second season. We wanted something fresh and not just bank on the success of the previous season. 

You’ve also written for the film ‘Love Per Square Foot’, but do you find it easier to write web series? I don’t know if it is easier but it’s more satisfying. A film has its own grammar, structure and discipline which needs to be followed. Though the web has formed its own discipline now, it gives one the bandwidth to explore and every character. So when you watch a series, you take home many stories.  

Do you enjoy revisiting a character you played earlier years later?
I do, actually. It’s a lot like theatre. You prepare a play, have your first show and then repeat the same thing again and again, for years and sometimes even decades. It’s like that when you come back to the show. When you revisit the character years later, you are a different person and in a different space in your life. I think that adds more value.  

So what was it like working with Maanvi and Amol again? They have made a name for themselves with their various works too.
Yes, everyone has grown so much. And it felt great to work with them again. Last time we felt the pressure to do so well especially because a lot of money was put into it; it was a big budget project for the time. Since that went well, there was a little bit more trust amongst us. Through the course, we have seen each other grow so there was personal bonding. It felt like we came back home. 

Tripling is a travel series. So where did you have the most fun? 
Sikkim. It was towards the end of shooting. The weather, food and location were amazing. The only sad part was that we have to wake up at 3.30 am for the shoot. It was extremely cold in the mornings and hot in the afternoon; we didn’t know how to dress for the day!  

Does working in the digital world take off the pressure of box office? 
That’s the most liberating part — it’s almost like the numbers you generate during the weekend determines your content which is not really true. Many great stories have not made the money they deserved.   

It’s a trend to screen web series too...  
Yes! When we screen Permanent Roommates Season 2, it was a surreal experience. Every show that came after that followed the trend. It’s because people aren’t judging you because you are doing web content. Earlier, I didn’t know if people will think of me as a small actor or if my craft was small because of the platform I chose to work in. But now, even A-listers want to be part of the digital world.  

What else are you busy with? 
I have a film called ‘Made in China’ which will release later this year. I am also part of ‘The Verdict’ produced by Alt Balaji.