Traditional Persian delicacy in East B'luru

Traditional Persian delicacy in East B'luru

Serving homelike Persian food that is favourable to Indian palate is the objective of the restaurant.

Located in Frazer Town, ‘Sheesh Kebab’ is also a pet-friendly place.

A brightly lit entrance with an interior that gives you the feel of a typical middle-eastern house, this is ‘Sheesh Kebab’ for you. Located at Frazer Town, it is the only restaurant serving Persian food in Bengaluru East. 

The decor is grand with the main attraction being the large fountain. It gives a soothing vibe after you have passed all the heavy traffic to reach this place. ‘Sheesh Kebab’ is a pet-friendly restaurant.  

It was started by Anas Nouman and Assad with an intention to serve Persian food and bring flavours of the rich cuisine. 

“Bengaluru is home to many Iranians. Looking at this rise in Persian expats in the city and lack of authentic Persian food and grilled meat outlets for the Indian palate, we came up with ‘Sheesh Kebab’ to cater to dishes that are a fusion of Persian and Indian cuisines,” says Anas. 

The restaurant specialises in Irani kebabs which are made following the traditional recipes, along with a wide range of grilled items.   

The quantity of food is pretty filling so make sure you have enough space to enjoy the spread. 

Once you settle down, ask for a plate of ‘Chicken Joojeh Irani Kebab’, a boneless grilled kebab marinated in exotic Persian spices like ‘somakh’ and served in a skewer. The chicken was soft and juicy. The spices evenly spread making it flavourful. 

You can also try the ‘Mutton Koobodeh Kebab’. It is an Iranian favourite made with a mix of Indian and Persian spices. 

If you are a vegetarian, fret not! This place also has an array of options for you. You can go for the vegetarian platter which includes grilled paneer, spiced aloo and grilled gobi. 

The Paneer tasted a little blend as the masala was only on the outside. However, the paneer was soft. We really like the aloo. It was spicy, evenly marinated and just perfect for the rainy weather. Have it with roti for tickle your taste buds. The grilled gobi too was flavourful. The Persian spices made it taste different and unusual. 

Chelo Rice Kebab Koobideh

All the kebabs are served with roti or rice. They also serve authentic Persian rolls. So, if you are not in a mood for the main course, you can fill yourself up with either an ‘Irani Juje Kebab roll’ or a ‘Pakeeza Chicken Tikka roll’. 

For main course, try the ‘Chelo Rice’ - Persian rice made of saffron, butter mutton koobideh kebab and tomato. The taste of butter made the rice tasty and rich. Have it with their creamy dal makhani.   

All the mutton fans, a must try for you all is the ‘Khorest -e-ghosht- o-bademjehn’. It is a traditional Persian delicacy made with egg plant and mutton. 

We tried their gulab jamun and gajar ka halwa for dessert. We couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the wholesome meal. 

‘Sheesh Kebab’ is located at #55 MM Road, Frazer Town. For details, call 8971804451.