Try these five fat-free desserts

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

It is always hard to resist a good dessert. If the calories in them are what keeps you away, then fret not. For there are fat-free puddings and desserts you can feat on. Metrolife brings you some suggestions

Light chocolate mousse

This is an all-time favourite dessert. The ingredients are simple. You need water, gelatine, cocoa, eggs and sugar. It’s low on calorie and an amazing quick dessert.

Chocolate chip peanut butter bars

There‘s chocolate peanut butter in every bite. These bars are a super hit and perfect for an evening tea party. These can be vegan, sugarfree, grainfree and seem popular with people who follow a keto diet.

Pineapple upside down cake

Upside down cakes are always glamorous. What is easily visible is the fruity goodness of this dessert. This is a classic and must-bake dish during the pineapple season. It is tart and sweet, light yet satisfying. It can be served with a scoop of classic vanilla ice-cream.

Brown sugar blondies

It is a moist slightly cakey brownie that everyone will enjoy. It is a snack that goes perfectly with your evening tea. They are easy to make and extremely delicious.

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Try these five fat-free desserts


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