Where prices of your drinks go up and down

The Bar Stock Exchange is located on M G Road.

We have all heard of restaurants and pubs based on the concept of stock exchange, where the prices of drinks change based on real-time demand. 
Working on the same principle is the ‘The Bar Stock Exchange’ (TBSE). The first pub chain in India to own a proprietary bar stock exchange software using a comprehensive algorithm. TBSE currently has 11 outlets across Mumbai and Pune. Located off M G Road, near Anil Kumble Circle, is the first branch of the franchise in the city.

The ambience is designed keeping in mind an army camp. The theme runs subtly throughout the space with elements like an army jeep parked inside, grenades hanging from the roof, fighter planes, and missile-shaped air vents. You can also spot phrases like ‘Alive, or just breathing’, ‘What am I fighting for’, etc. 

Keeping with the theme, they also have chair covers resembling the army uniform. The highlight of the place is the bar space, designed with faces wearing gas masks. 

Find yourself a table, and settle down. You will be asked to download an app that will take you to all the current, high and low prices of your favourite drinks. Wait for the best price or just order your usual through the app.

While you wait for your drinks, go through the elaborate menu that serves Continental, Chinese, North Indian, Italian and Mexican cuisines. It is recommended that you ask your server about the spice level, as most of their dishes are ‘drop dead spicy’. But it’s worth saying, they go well with drinks. 

Start your meal with a ‘Bhajiya Platter’. It comes with sliced batata, ‘bharwan mirchi’, onion and palak leaf pakodas served with spicy jaggery sauce and chilli garlic seasoning. The platter is crunchy and quite filling. The tender and soft chicken texture of the ‘Murgh Ka Sula’ is worth a try. The masala is generously spread and perfectly spiced. The ‘Mazedaar Maggi’, was not interesting enough. The hard texture and high level of spice can be a big turn-off. 

Instead, try the ‘Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms’. it was moderately cheesy and great for those who want to say to cheesy diet but still can’t keep their hands of it. Have it with a glass of wine or a chilled bottle of beer. 

The ‘Calamari Thecha’ is great in taste but the after-effect of burning sensation will come just a while after you finish the first bite. However, it is so tempting that you can’t help but go for the second bite. 

If you are planning to skip the main course and fill yourself with just starters, the ‘Amritsari Kulcha Platter’ is a must try. You can also have the ‘Misal Pav Fondue’. The cheesy misal served with pavs tossed in butter will be a great treat after the spicy rendezvous. 

The naan pizza is a unique addition, the base is made with naan dough and topped with paneer chunks, red sauce and cheese. 

‘Death by Chocolate’ and ‘Momma’s Rocky Road Sundae’ are the best ways to complete your meal.The service here requires improvement, though.

The hostess at the reservation desk wasn’t very helpful when we went visiting. 

Overall: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Food: 4/5

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Where prices of your drinks go up and down


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