Young author hopes to encourage creativity in kids

Young author hopes to encourage creativity in kids

Sarin Patel

Sarin Patel, sixth-standard student at VIBGYOR High, is an author and illustrator. The 11-year-old has two books to his name — ‘Ultra Sarin: The Adventures of Ultra Sarin’ and ‘Ultra Sarin and Pyjama Man’.

The books are a part of a series that follows a young boy who gets superpowers after getting hit by lightning. His quest for justice from villains has roots in his reading habit. “I was inspired to start reading after watching my brother read. Eventually, I began wondering if I would be able to write one myself,” he says. 

The ideas for the series, he says, comes from his own imagination, and sometimes from his brother. He also illustrates all the books himself and says that he draws inspiration from everyday life. “Sometimes I see a scene and then I try to draw it. I went for art classes when I was younger. My style of drawing has evolved a lot since then,” he says.  

He also tries to encourage other children towards creative expression. His books feature a bonus adventure section, where young readers can draw and write their own ending to the adventure. This is only a hobby for him, he says. His real passion is video games and hopes to become a gaming YouTuber.

He is currently working on the last chapter of the third instalment in the series ‘Ultra Sarin: Forward in time’. The books are available on Amazon.