Aindrita and Diganth are made for each other

Sharmiela Mandre talks about the strong bond she shares with the couple tying the knot today

(From left) Aindrita, Sharmiela Mandre and and Diganth.

It’s been a little over a decade since I’ve known Aindrita and Diganth. The three of us have come a long way from being just friends to the inseparable buddies that we are today. I can’t believe that ten years have flown by. It just seems like yesterday. 

 I didn’t meet Aindrita, Andy as I call her, and Diganth together. I first met Aindrita during her modelling days. We bonded instantly on our first meeting itself. For me, the first impression is always a lasting one; the first time I meet somebody, I either click with them and we remain friends for life or I just don’t. 

In this case, we met frequently after that and our friendship grew stronger. 

Diganth began acting much before I started. My first meeting with him was when a director offered me a project opposite him. I agreed but I can’t deny that I was nervous because he has an amazing screen presence and is extremely good looking. There’s an indisputable aura around him. We first worked together in ‘Swayamvara’ and it’s only after working on this project that we got to know each a little more.

My brother Amit had accompanied me to Bangkok during the shooting of ‘Swayamvara’. Amit and Diganth got along like a house on fire. 

Andy, Diganth and I got a chance to hang out together during Amruta Mahotsava, the 75th anniversary celebrations of the Kannada film industry. We were rehearsing for 10 to 15 days and would catch up after rehearsals. Andy and Diganth weren’t seeing each other then, but I could sense a subtle attraction between them. 

We’ve had our ups and downs but what contributed to the steadfastness of our friendship is the openness we share. What I like most about Andy is that she never goes by hearsay and wouldn’t believe things till she saw or heard it herself. She’s very outspoken too. Diganth is extremely nice. Andy and he are total opposites and that’s also why they get along so well. 

The three of us share some common interests. We love travelling and partying. We are so comfortable in each other’s company that we never run out of things to say in conversations. 

I am looking forward to Andy and Diganth’s wedding because they have been together for so long and I’ve always thought that they should have got married much earlier. I’ve also felt that they were meant to be together because they balance each other out so well and respect each other’s space.   

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