Best dog movies of all time

Best dog movies of all time

Metrolife lists heartwarming dog movies to stream this weekend

From 'Isle of Dogs'.

The bond between a dog and his owner is inexplicable, and these movies are just about that. 


Filmed in 1974, Benji is a homeless, scruffy little mutt who walks around the town in Texas living his life to the fullest. This adorable pup is no less of a hero as he saves two of his favourite children from the kidnappers using his intelligence and tricks. The movie was a hit in the 70’s. It was so popular that the movie was remade by Netflix in 2018, a number of film sequels and TV specials, a short-lived TV series and a video game was also launched after it. 

Isle of Dogs

During a canine flu outbreak, every dog is exiled to another part of the world. When the world turned against them, a 12-year-old boy is adamant to get his canine friend back.

This strategic movie is a stop-motion animation that takes place in the fictional Japanese city of Megasaki, and is all about the extent someone can go to save their loved ones. 

Marley & Me

You will have to keep tissues ready to get through this movie as it is based on a memoir.  This film revolves around a troublesome, disobedient yet adorable Marley whose puppy antics teaches the family important lessons and brings them together. This movie gets over really quickly when Marley passes away in the climax, leaving the family mourn his loss while cherishing each moment spent with him. 

All Dogs Go To Heaven

This animated comedy-drama musical is centered around a canine casino owner Charlie B. Barkin who is killed by Carface (a canine gambler). Luckily he gets to return to Earth from heaven where he decides to seek revenge on the murderer. Amidst all, he unexpectedly grows to love a little orphan girl named Anne-Marie.

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