‘Blank’ follows a raw script: Krishi

‘Blank’ follows a raw script: Krishi

The thriller, shot in Mysuru, has the actress playing sober to maddening characters

Krishi Thapanda will soon be seen in films ‘Blank’, ‘Lanke’ and ‘Baraate'.

Actor Krishi Thapanda has her hands full. She is working on three Kannada films — ‘Blank’, ‘Lanke’ and ‘Baraate’ — at the same time. She says it has been an adventurous ride as each of the films are unique in character.

“‘Blank’ was supposed to be a web series but at the last minute, the filmmakers decided against it and chose to edit the script and make it a film. The film has a raw script; it is about a drug, how most buildings do not have 13th floors, and about hallucinations,” she says.

The suspense-thriller sees Krishi play three different characters. “There were days when I had to play all of the characters. It was quite an emotional ride. If one character was sober, the other was dark and maddening. There was a lot of transformation in the character,” she explains.

Krishi would often be confused about which character she was working on. “Sometimes, I would be wearing a particular costume and the scene would continue into the next character. My characters were named Khushi, Saraswati and Supritha.”

The film is shot entirely in a house in Mysuru. “The house was hired for a short while and the team wants to finish the film soon. There are only a few more days of work remaining,” she says.

Krishi, who has worked on ‘Kahi’ earlier, says that ‘Blank’ is darker in character. “I have a lot of expectations from the film and I have been working hard for it. No other film like this has been made in Sandalwood before. Though I still prefer the idea of it being a web series, the film will definitely impress the audience,” says the actor. The actress, who is also working on ‘Lanke’ and ‘Baraate’, says it has been an interesting ride.

“In ‘Lanke’, Yogi and I are the lead actors, and my role is a happy-go-lucky one. In ‘Baraate’, I play a significant role which forms the base of the story,” she adds.

“The shoot of ‘Baraate’ happened in Mysuru and it worked out perfectly well, especially because the director of ‘Blank’ was very cooperative. I worked with Sriimurali and many of the artistes in the film for the first time. I was not sure how welcomed I would feel. But it was a delight! I remember that Sai Kumar sir came and spoke to me, which was very kind,”
Krishi says.