Bob, fringes are in this summer

Bob, fringes are in this summer

Revamping your look for this hot season can be therapeutic and refreshing.

‘Coming in from, not going out to a party’ look is in vogue this season, says Adhuna of BBLUNT.

We often hear people say, ‘I need a haircut’ as soon the mercury rises, either because of the temperature or other summer hair problems it brings like dandruff, hair fall and itchy scalp.

Summer calls for extra attention to your hair. Getting out of a regular hair cut or colour is always therapeutic and refreshing.

A few experts talk about the trending hairstyles for that summer look and also offer haircare tips.

More texture, natural progression is the theme for 2019, says Adhuna Bhabani, founder and
creative director, BBLUNT.

“The cutting is freestyle, using the scissors to create a character to the hair, and the finish is almost made to look like one is ‘coming in from, not going out to a
party’. For example, I love what Avan Contracter did with Kalki’s hair in Gully Boy. It is a warm chocolate, modern shag with a shattered fringe,” she explains.

As for choosing a hair colour, she says that it usually tends to be something very personal. Having said that, the colour techniques will be free and unstructured.

“Pastel shades will still be prominent for those wanting to make a statement; candy pink, silver grey and ultraviolet hues are still extremely popular. With the influence of the 80’s fashion in 2019, there is going to be a lot more pop colours like tangerine and acid yellow making a comeback,” Adhuna told Metrolife.

Balayage or ombré are perfect hues to flaunt the darkness of one’s natural hair colour. For those who want to go for a bolder look, semi blonde with highlights can be an option, suggests Adhuna. Along with the skin tone, it is important to keep in mind the eye colour while choosing a global hair colour.

“Warm browns like chocolate, honey, caramel and vibrant reds like mahogany and burgundy are a few options one can keep in mind. Great colour and shine should go hand in hand,” points out Adhuna.

Short bob and bob with bangs are the two hair cuts that are rising the temperature this season. It is popular among kids and adults, says Yogesh Kumar, creative director, Blown.

“People go for short hair during summer because it is maintenance free. Moreover, it looks cool and chic. There is a misconception that short hair needs blow dry on a daily basis, but that is not true unless you have curly hair,” he says.

Though for Indian skin tone, warm colours or contrasting colours look great. Bright candy colours like pink or purple are becoming summer favourites too.

Blue balayage, a trending colour,
offered at Bella Madonna.

“Cold tones like ash-grey with highlights are in trend. Moving on to men, the classic salt and pepper look is quite popular too. It is necessary to olaplex (a hair treatment that makes the bleaching process easier) as coloured hair gets brittle.”

A new hair colour and cut can easily oomph up one’s look, says Manisha Yadav, director, Bella Madonna.

Since coral is the colour of the year, she says that women can dye their hair in this alluring hue.

“From chestnut brown to ash-grey, one can easily change the look with varied hues which are in vogue. Just visit your salon and ask for the latest hair colour trends of 2019 which can easily uplift the style of your hair,” says Manisha.

She recommends one to opt for a no-fuss hairstyle this summer with easy to manage haircuts like wavy lob, loose waves and fringe cut.

“Pixie cut is quite popular too, especially among women who wish to experiment with their look,” she suggests.

Mahika Yadav, director, Oxford Cut The Man’s Salon says that men can flaunt the classic undercut look for a casual and edgy appeal. This cut is great for those who love to maintain their style without much effort.

“Textured crop is another hairstyle men can go for, especially if you don’t like to experiment much with hair on a daily basis yet wish to get that casual look. It is a trendsetting hairstyle of 2019 for men and is a great way to style your hair,” she suggests.