Chandan is excited about his lead role

Chandan is excited about his lead role

Chandan Achar

From theatrical plays to his journey in the Kannada industry, Chandan Achar has proved his mettle by bagging prominent roles in Sandalwood. Seen in movies like ‘Veera Parampare’, ‘Rambo’ and ‘Kirik Party’, the actor is currently working on his debut film in a lead role ‘Mangalvaara Raja Dina’ and is all set to make the most of this year. The young actor spoke to Deepali Jain about his work, life and more.

What inspired you to become an actor?

Since childhood, I wanted to be an actor/artist. Later, when I joined the theatre group called ‘Natana’ in Mysuru, I saw the various possibilities in the theatre, like dancing, singing and acting, which mesmerized me. I directed a few short films and worked in many theatrical plays.

When will the Kannada movie buffs see you again on the big screen?

I am working in ‘Avane Srimannarayana’ at present. I will soon be seen as a hero in ‘Mangalvaara Raja Dina’ which is directed by Yuvin.

Are you excited about being the lead in a film?

I feel really good about it but I don’t have any bias in my mind for supporting or lead roles. For me, all roles are equally important and dear to the heart. My ‘guru’ told me that there is nothing like a small or big role and it is just about how well one performs it.

How did you bag a role in ‘Kirik Party’?

In 2015, I was working in theatrical plays and did other jobs. A friend suggested that I go and audition for ‘Kirik Party’. I was terrified but I went to audition among 3,000 people and got selected. On the first day, Rakshith Shetty came to me and said, “Let’s be friends first and then start shooting.”

What obstacles did you face when you entered the Kannada industry?

When I became an actor, initially I would work for a week and then there would be no work the next week. It was a tough phase and I had no other side business. It became very difficult to manage my finances but thankfully I had friends who helped. Things are changing and I am independent now.

Lessons you have learnt from your past experiences.

During my theatre days, it was very informal but when I started acting in commercial cinema, it was a very professional experience. It was different from whatever I had done before. I learnt a lot from Rakshit, including the nuances of cinematography, aesthetics of filmmaking, how as an artiste should project the role given to you and how to promote one’s work.

Do you idolise anyone?

Sudeep sir is my favourite and I look up to him.

Among all your roles, which your favourite till date?

My role in ‘Kirik Party’ is very dear to me, not only because it was a commercial success but also because I could relate to the character. This movie had the college atmosphere, where a lot of cultural festivals are held, one spends a gala time with friends and so on. All these aspects of the movie helped me relate to my college days and give it my best shot.

What are your hobbies?

Listening to music, reading books and watching movies.

If you were not an actor, what would you be?

I would be a judge at a court. My parents admitted me to an LLB course but I ran away. I hope I will get to play the role of a judge in some movie some day.

Do you have a message for your fans?

Wisdom is the ultimate power. Just keep moving forward.