City musician releases Christmas album

City musician releases Christmas album

Rameses Fernandes has released an album of carols using his own unique arrangements

Rameses Fernandes was born and brought up in a musical family. He started out as a classical pianist. Now, he is all set to release his debut album  ‘Christmas Covers my Year.’

The album has eight unique arrangements of carols and versions ranging from jazz to orchestral. “I wanted to do something completely different and not follow the actual time signatures, but experiment and explore,” the 16-year-old says.

He grew up listening to Mozart and Beethoven, and hearing stories about them from his father.

“When I was five. my father gifted me a toy piano. Curiosity took over from there,” he says.

Jazz is his favourite genre, but he makes sure to keep his ears open to any good music.

“My favourite artiste is undoubtedly the legend Oscar Peterson. I love artistes who improvise from an emotional perspective rather than a technical perspective, and personally, Shaun Martin is one of the best emotional players out there,” Rameses says.

While he writes his own music, he decided to release an album of carols for his debut because of his affection to Christmas.

“This year has been a tragedy for all of us. Christmas season is like seeing light at the end of a long, dark, haunted tunnel and what better way to cheer up the people than to release a Christmas album,” he explains.

The making of the album took two months, from conception to a finished product. He hopes to make music a career.

“I write/compose my own songs and arrange songs as well. I have a liking for composing my own Jazz heads which I like to call 'My Standards', some funk and some orchestral scores too. I have not currently released any of my songs as I wanted to concentrate on finishing my SSC boards. Plenty of songs are ready to be released next year,” he says.

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