Metrolife: Off the dirt track- C S Santosh

Metrolife: Off the dirt track- C S Santosh

C S Santosh

I don’t really have the luxury of a weekend because I work and train through the week and most of my races happen on a weekend.

I usually shuttle between my farm in Kolar and Bengaluru. When I am at the farm, I am usually training. I enjoy going trekking, swimming and biking in and around the farm. And all these activities are a part of my training. Whenever I am at the farm and go trekking my dogs --- Bella and Gigi, accompany me. I adopted them a while ago and now they are my constant companions.

Reading and listening to music are my other favourite indulgences. I like reading a lot of autobiographies, and most recent one that I read is the ‘The Rise of Superman...’ It has nothing to do with the Superman but is based on high-performance athletes. I find it interesting to understand how people and societies co-exist. Autobiographies give me an idea about how high-performance athlete work because I am chasing that goal. I would like to understand what made people like Abhinav Bindra or Lance Armstrong, who they are today.

Besides reading, I always listen to music when I am training and my playlist includes the choicest songs of Tupac. I also listen to lots of rock music.

Trekking in Avani Betta, near Kolar is something that I look forward to. It’s about 5 km from the farm and we make it a point to trek for at least an hour. Since I race in the desert and ride through the most beautiful landscapes, it helps when I spend time with people because I usually ride solo.

I believe that one of the most important things in life are relationships. Meeting good people, having meaningful conversations and exchanging ideas indeed stimulate me.