Fertility specialist ventures into film production

Fertility specialist ventures into film production

Dr Kamini Rao’s production house will concentrate on subjects that promote public interest and health-related topics

Dr Kamini Rao has made a name for herself in the field of assisted reproduction, but little did people know that she is just as passionate about filmmaking as she about her profession.

She recently launched her production house, Poorvi Production, with her daughter-in-law Pooja Siddharth Rao.

Pooja, who is equally excited about the new venture, says it is being well-received by the audience, and the master class with Kamini Rao has crossed 4.5 lakh views in less than a month after it was launched.

Dr Kamini and Pooja talk to Metrolife about their new venture and what drives it.

What pushed you towards venturing into film production?

Kamini: I’ve always looked for ways to give back to society because as educated citizens of the country, especially in such challenging times, we must come forward to help people. Cinema, which is both educative and has meaning, will bridge the gap and bring about a positive change.

What kind of movies are
you looking forward to producing?

Kamini: Our primary focus will be to produce movies that promote public interest. Topics such as women-centric subjects which address sensitive issues such as abortion and surrogacy and health-oriented films that focus on smoking and cancer are of interest to us.

How would you describe your experience of working with your daughter-in-law?

Kamini: It is a beautiful experience and we enjoy working together. We believe that we must normalise working with our family members in a professional space.  

Are there any film actors that you would want to work with?

Pooja: For us, talent takes precedence above all. However, our focus will remain towards spotting talented youngsters who are looking for opportunities to head start their career and explore their skill set.

How has the experience of working in the film industry been so far?

Pooja: It was an unchartered sea. I had no expectations when I walked in, so everything that came my way was a bonus and found some like-minded people. The overall experience is overwhelming, but I enjoyed breaking the barriers and diving into something completely new.