Fitness mania peaks in Jan

Fitness mania peaks in Jan

Experts say that there is a 50 per cent increase in gym enrolments in January but the number drops drastically by March

Acommon resolution during every new year is to hit the gym for a fit start. Though many join fitness centres in the starting of the year, most of them drop out quickly. 

January is a peak month for gyms in general, says Arnav Kumar, MD, Reset Bengaluru. People take up renewals or memberships at these gyms at the beginning of the year.
“January is certainly a revenue-generating month. May and September follow closely behind. April is a busy month as it is the end of the financial year, so people take time for themselves in May. Similarly,  September sees a lot of gym enrolments as people want to get fit and ready for the upcoming wedding and festive season,” says Arnav.  

The general consensus among gym owners and trainers is that registrations see a 50 per cent surge in the month of January when compared to other months. 

In a bid to encourage people to not give up, many gyms and fitness centres introduce packages that take care of the workout and their diet. These also include services of a personal trainer and usage of facilities such as steam bath and sauna.

“We have a transformation package with a cashback offer for those who achieve their targets. A wholesome package encourages people to participate; the membership becomes an investment they are making and they become more inclined to work on their health,” says Arnav. 

As fitness enthusiasts become specific about their needs and wants, fitness centres are providing more precise and innovative training regimes and nutrition plans. 

“The annual membership plan at Reset starts at Rs 50,000 plus taxes. There is a transformation weight loss package for three months, priced at Rs 74,999 plus taxes; this includes, 36 personal training sessions, nutrition plan and access to facilities including group classes. A month’s membership starts at Rs 10,000.

Starting this year, we are offering DNA and microbiome tests along with a nutrition plan for 12 weeks at Rs 30,000,” shares Arnav. 

Sandesh Khodanpur, owner of Gold’s Gym, Bengaluru, says that the number of new memberships increase by 35 to 40 per cent in the month of January every
year, as compared to the previous months. 

“As part of their new year’s resolutions, people also tend to try out new workout regimes such as high-intensity interval training, zumba, yoga and functional training,” says Sandesh. 

Gold’s Gym has started a 21-day challenge campaign, where customers can win rewards if they renew or purchase a membership in the month of January and come for 21 days straight.

They also reward those who are regular at the gym by offering them a 100 per cent cashback. They also offer no-cost EMI for any gym member who would like to opt for personal training.  

“We see 50 per cent of those who joined in January, drop out by February, another 20 per cent in March and the remaining 30 per cent stay throughout the year,” says Amaresh Ojha, CEO and Founder, Gympik.   

Why do people give up?

Amaresh says that most people quit because fitness doesn’t become a habit for them. Making exercise a habit is key, just like brushing your teeth.

“When people start gymming in the first month, they come at least five days a week. In the second month it drops to twice or thrice a week and by the third month, they either come once or just stop coming altogether. Apart from January, July and August are the most revenue generating months. Most of the fitness centres run discounts on these months,” observes Amaresh.