Five simple fruit treats for your festive feasts

Five simple fruit treats for your festive feasts

Have a merry little delicious holiday with these treats

Choco candied orange

Ever heard of Christmas on a plate? Grab some fruits in the seasons’ colours and cut them to make some easy and healthy treats for the day.

Preparing them can be a fun activity, and will be a delight for the eyes and good for the tummy too.

Kiwi laid out

Slice some kiwi fruit and place them so as to look like a Christmas tree.

Add some pomegranate, strawberry and blueberry pieces to represent ornaments.

If you want to make it cuter, top it with a watermelon star. Drizzle honey or sprinkle powdered sugar, if you want to be more festive.

Big apple

Cut an apple into perfect round slices. Slather on a lavish amount of peanut butter, creamy or chunky, according to your taste buds.

Add some almond shavings, walnut and cashew bits, along with chocolate chips. Voila, you have the perfect crunchy, juicy ending to a meal.

3D fruit tree

Use orange, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, kiwi fruit and grapes, and toothpicks to form the shape.

A Christmas tree to pluck and eat from on your dining table will be a true delight. A quick tip: Use half a cabbage and place it flat, make a hole into it, and push a carrot down.

Poke toothpicks and fruits into these to hold and form the shape.

You can also use a pineapple, if you want to make a smaller fruit tree.

Strawberry Santa

Take strawberries and cut the top off as a conical hat. Put a small dollop of whipped cream in between the two halves or a banana slice, and top the hat with a dot of cream.

Use chocolate sprinkles for the eyes. Ho ho ho, Santa’s here!

Choco candied

This one will be a tad higher on calories but is still made from fruit. Take some thin orange slices and cook them in sugar syrup.

Cool them and dip into melted chocolate for a tangy-sweet treat. If you’re not a chocolate fan, sprinkle some powdered sugar over the slices and have them.

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