Food as twisted as this year

Food as twisted as this year

You’ve got to see it to believe it. Twitter digs up odd food combinations

Twitter seems to discover an array of odd foods every year, this year was no different. Keeping with the mood of 2020, some discoveries seem to be particularly ghastly.

The year began with the rediscovery of Swedish pizzas. The most popular topping is bananas, curry powder, peanuts and sometimes even kiwi fruit.

The Internet hailed it as a unifier for those who love bananas on pizza and those who think it’s an abomination.

If you’re a fan of desi Chinese, you might want to skip this innovative creation. Twitter user @thatdoggonelady tweeted out a picture of Ferrero Rocher Manchurian — the chocolate wafer ball replaced the vegetable balls usually found in the spicy brown sauce. User @GabbbarSingh hailed it as the “origin of coronavirus”.

Are you more of a biryani fan? Fear not, there’s something for you too. In what looks like a screengrab from a recipe video, is a fiery red biriyani topped with Nutella. Twitter user @Shouryaroy1179 summed up most people’s feelings: “Please tell me this is fake, already coping up with the thought of Veg biryani since years!”

Moving on to sweets, a picture of someone eating kaju katli dipped in ketchup provoked strong reactions. While ketchup has a polarising effect, this seems to be the worst combination that has surfaced. @abhilash_gopal asks an important question, “Whoever is eating Kaju Katli with ketchup, are you okay bro?”

If you’d prefer a more savoury take, kaju katli chicken soup also seems to have a few fans.

Another Indian sweet being messed with is soan papdi. Someone tweeted out a picture of a glass of whiskey with the ice cubes replaced by soan papdi. If people can make cotton candy flavoured cocktails, a soan papdi flavoured one might just be the next natural step.

Next on the list is something that has infinite capabilities — Maggi, something that these users seem keen on pushing the limits on. First up is the relatively tame Maggi and pani puri. If you’re a fan of Maggi and chips, this one has the same effect but the form has perturbed many of the social networking sites.

One user @accidentlwriter, said “There is one gentleman in my office who dips Bourbon biscuit in thengai chutney and eats. This Maggi pani puri is worse than that. Maybe I should offer it to him.” For those who enjoy a squeeze of lime on their Maggi, take the citrus effect to the next level by adding some orange. And those who think you can get away with just a squeeze, the photo doing the rounds has an entire peeled orange sitting in a bowl of soupy noodles.

For years, Bollywood has pushed the stereotype that south Indians will eat anything with curd. User @acnymph seems to be one of those south Indians. She tweeted: “Maggi and curd is food for the soul”, with a picture of the odd combination attached.

@80s_boyz, summed up his and our thoughts with this tweet: “2020 is the worst year, proof above”.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, chocolate Maggi might be the way to go. While there were many tweets expressing their disgust about the combination, user @DonJuannabe seemed to enjoy the idea, asking those who make it to “Garnish with sliced apples/pineapples”.

A cafe in Delhi has gone viral for their creation — Maggi beer. It’s not as bad as it seems; it is soupy noodles served in a beer glass, but the picture is enough to make you turn your nose in disgust. One user was even contemplating moving cities. @dishaistired, said: “Dilli mein mil rahi, mai mumbai shift kar rahi hu” (This is available in Delhi, I’m moving to Mumbai).

Having said that, by far the worst food combination we came across this year was one that involved bhindi masala. In two separate tweets, bhindi was stuffed between biscuits to make a twisted snack. In one picture, it sits cosily between two pieces of Parle-G biscuits, and in another, on the bed of chocolate cream in a Bourbon biscuit.

Perhaps the fellow who eats his Bourbon biscuits with coconut chutney can try out the last combination and let us know how it is.