For them, freedom is the liberty to speak and express

For them, freedom is the liberty to speak and express

As India welcomes its 73rd Independence Day, Metrolife asked a few people in the city what freedom means to them

Tara Krishnaswamy,

Ability to not conform

According to women and rights activist Tara Krishnaswamy, “Freedom is the ability to be myself; to not conform and to not be attacked for not conforming, as long as it is legal.”

She adds, “On this Independence Day, we must remember that freedom for women hasn’t quite been earned till now. Freedom means, as an adult, you can choose for yourself and constraints aren’t placed around you; which is not the case with women in the country.”

Freedom of speech

For Anuskha Sinha, a second-year BBA student, freedom means the liberty to speak and do what she wants to. “For that to happen, the concept of personal freedom should be clear and deep-rooted in people’s minds.” 

To do what one feels is right

Pooja Mani, a techie working in NTT Data, says, “I define freedom as the right to respond to some situations in a way I feel is right; without worrying about the consequences and without bothering what others feel about that step.” 

Choosing your own path

Shri Lakshmi, a third-year law student, feels freedom is being allowed to choose a path, even if it is an unconventional one. “Also, everyone has different opinions  about everything and these opinions should be respected.”