Friends, temple visits

Friends, temple visits

Manojavam’s first tryst with acting was through Kannada television series like ‘Jagala Gantiyaru’, ‘Pandu I Love You’ and ‘Silly Lalli’. As a contestant in singing talent show ‘Ede Thumbi Haaduvenu’, Manojavam received appreciation from stalwarts like S P Balasubrahmanyam and S Janaki as well as actors like Anant Nag, Prakash Raj, Devaraj, Shivrajkumar, Upendra and more. Under the banner ‘Aatreya Project’, Manojavam has given more than 1,000 shows. He will be performing on August 27 at Town Hall.

Since weekends are a time to unwind and relieve my stress, I dedicate a major part of my time to either music or my friends. Both of these play an important role in my life.

I am an avid traveler with a passion for adventure. I have trekked on many mountain ranges like Kumara Parvatha, Mullayanagiri and Kodachadri. Apart from that, I like to take my bike and go on solo trips during weekends. I have explored the length and breadth of Karnataka on my bike. Otherwise, I visit temples with my parents on Saturdays.

I am not much of a party person. I would rather help my mother in the household activities. My cooking skills are quite good and I take over the kitchen during weekends.

Binge watching movies would also be a part of my ideal weekend. I adore Rajkumar and have grown up watching his movies like ‘Bhakta Prahlada’, ‘Sampathige Savaal’, ‘Babruvahana’, ‘Kaviratna Kalidasa’, ‘Bangaarada Manushya’ among many others. 

I like reading and literary criticism, biopics and satires are some genres I like. My favourite authors are Kuvempu, SL Bhyrappa, KP Poornachandra Tejaswi and AR Krishnashastry. I am currently reading AR Krishnashastry’s ‘Vachana Bharata’.

Shopping is not on my must-do list, whether on weekends or otherwise. I am not really into shopping and would prefer if someone shops for me. Going to the gym (I don’t work out every day but I would love to incorporate it into my daily routine), watching television shows like ‘Thatt Antha Heli’ and Kannada plays is something I look forward to on weekends

A few of my favourite things: 

Composing music


Watching movies