Handy kitchen gadgets for bachelors

Handy kitchen gadgets for bachelors

Handy kitchen gadgets for bachelors

You’ve lost weight! Don’t you get any food there!?” would be the first thing every parent says when their child goes back home after some time.

Anyone living alone will agree that cooking dinner after a hard day at work or whipping up
breakfast during rushed mornings is a big task. One can’t depend on outside food due to economic and hygienic reasons.

Metrolife puts together a list of easy-to-use appliances that will be a handy addition to every bachelor’s kitchen.

Instant Pot

Most of us lose count of the cooker’s whistles while going about our other chores. Using a pressure cooker needs a lot more focus when you are a beginner. Instant pots have self regulatory mechanisms and also anti-leak features. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, fast cooker and food warmer all packed into one simple appliance.

Mini Rice Cooker

Cookers these days can perform multiple functions, apart from boiling rice. You can cook grains, beans and oats, poach fruits, make pancakes, boil eggs, heat drinks like hot chocolate and steam vegetables and meat alike.


As much as you love crispy fried food, you also hate the calories and the layers of fat that come with it. Airfryers to your rescue here! These appliances help you cook crispy snacks with minimal oil; they use circulating hot air to cook the food.

Electric Kettle

It is the true saviour of bachelors. Besides boiling water for that quick cup of tea or coffee, it can also be used to make noodles, spaghetti, pasta, macaroni, soup, hard boiled eggs and maggie. 

Atta Dough Maker

You miss chapatis but don’t want to knead the dough after a long day at work. An atta dough maker will do the hardwork for you. Available in both electric and manual models, it kneads the dough in the right consistency every single time.

Vegetable chopper

Chopping vegetables can be tedious and boring, and can deter one from cooking. This appliance can make chopping both, fruits and vegetables, hassle-free. No more crying while cutting onions.

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