Here’s how you tweak flannels

Here’s how you tweak flannels

The flannel shirt, made from soft woven fabric, is a classic closet staple. It’s my default shirt for fall —I wear it unbuttoned over a T-shirt, or buttoned-up and tucked into jeans. Pick your favourite outfit below and start wearing it...

Layer it right  

Unlike bulky wool sweaters, flannels are optimised for layering. A street style star nailed the look when she wore her flannel over a graphic pullover, then added a leather moto jacket with a furry trim on top. To keep the layers from overwhelming her figure, she made sure the jacket hit right at the hips while the flannel peeked out just a tad. Trendy elements like blue sunglasses and a unique pair of boots give this outfit an A-plus in the fashion industry. 

Half-tucked in

The oversize flannel embodies the coziness of your boyfriend’s, but fits properly around your shoulders and arms. Rather than pairing this top with jeans, wear it with a pair of joggers. Not only are they loose-fitting (elastic waistband we meet again) and therefore more comfortable, but they also imbue your outfit with a semi-sporty vibe. Give your sneakers a rest and wear a kitten mule for an even more fashion-forward look.

Skirt it up

Flannel and jeans? Predictable. Flannel and skirt? Unexpected. Wear your shirt as you would any button-down and tuck it into a pencil skirt or a flared A-line skirt. The combination makes your casual flannel look fancy, but the business-appropriate look is less stuffy than when you’re wearing a stark white button-down. Tie the look together with a red boot (to match your red flannel) and sunglasses, then stroll into the office like a boss babe.

Try this fashion trick 

This is the type of outfit you see and think, “Duh, I could have done that.” And, it’s true. The ensemble consists of just three pieces: a minimalist T-shirt, a flannel of your choice, and a pair of crop flared jeans. (You could also tie the flannel over a dress, leather pants, the options are endless!) Now, you might think wrapping a shirt around your waist is so middle school, but it’s approved by both street style stars and models. The fashion trick is not only practical when the weather is fickle, but it also adds a stylish element to your outfit. If you become cold, simply unwrap the flannel from your waist and throw it on.


Luckily for those who weren’t on college teams, brands have created their own enviable versions to shop. And the first thing, I will wear with the outerwear is a flannel. This combo isn’t intuitive, but I’m convinced the pairing works. To give this outfit a bit of edge, wear with a pair of heeled combat boots.