Metrolife: Here’s a list of common fashion faux pas

Metrolife: Here’s a list of common fashion faux pas

If one of the reasons you buy designer clothes and invest in your appearance is because you like to be seen to put your best foot forward, you’re not alone. After all, nobody buys at 400,000 dollar Birkin if it’s never going to be seen, right?

But what if we told you some small (and seemingly insignificant) details can make your carefully curated outfit look a lot less polished than you hoped? Yea, really. 

Here are, just for starters, a list of common fashion faux pas we all might see ourselves commit from time to time. 

Having lint, fibre and pet/human hair on the outside of your garments

Imagine this. You are in an expensive, designer black dress. The only issue is that your final touch up and kissing your pet goodbye has left you with dusty shoulders and a bodice full or fur. Not a great look up close. 

Solution: Invest in a lint remover. 

Visible panty lines (VPL)

This is an epidemic that definitely needs an awareness campaign. 

Solution: Seamless innerwear. Un elasticised panty legs. Loose fit of trousers. If it’s a bodycon dress, then thongs all the way. 

Wearing cropped jackets with long tops underneath is another mistake

It’s a look, only if you are going for the “I don’t pay attention to what I wear” look. But it’s quite unbecoming at a formal event or at an interview. 

Solution: Pair your blouse with the blazer in advance. Don’t wait to make a last minute look out of it. Choose tops that can either be tucked in to pants, or a shorter length blouse. 

Visible gaping between the buttons of your blouse

Solution: Add invisible hooks I between buttons. Safety pins, pinned rightly can be a solution; pinned wrongly and it’ll end up doing more damage than good. 

Wearing sneakers with socks that poke out the top. 

Solution: Sockettes, ankle socks. 

Ill-fitting, poorly-tailored blazers and trousers. 

A suit, or blazer is one of the finest fashion statements to make when you want to feel powerful. But if you don’t pay attention to how a blazer fits it can work against you. An ill-fitting jacket can make you look, shorter, bulkier, and sometimes just plain conservative. 
Solution: Pay attention to your shoulders and full-length of the jacket. Dropping shoulders or the opposite could make you look broader or smaller than you actually are. A jacket that doesn’t cut you at a good length can end up making you stockier rather than taller. 

Stepping out in heels with uneven and visibly worn soles.

Solution: Don’t over wear shoes. Spend time refreshing your good shoes once in a while. 

Tucking trousers into your ankle boots. 

Solution: Don’t tuck jeans or pants or anything (not even leggings sometimes) into ankle boots. 
Primarily, for our weather and demographics, boots are most often out of place. But if you must, then wear stocking and a skirt, and be mindful of the season. 

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