Hopes high for Sudeep’s ‘Pailwaan’

Hopes high for Sudeep’s ‘Pailwaan’

It is the first-ever Kannada film to have simultaneous releases worldwide


After the success of KGF: Chapter 1, all eyes are on the Kannada Film Industry once again as Kichcha Sudeep starrer ‘Pailwaan’ is all set to hit the screen on Thursday. 

According to filmmakers, Pailwaan will officially be the first-ever Kannada film to have worldwide simultaneous release. The Hindi version will be released on Friday, while Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu versions of the movie will be released on Thursday. 

“The film will be released in 400 theatres in Karnataka alone. The Kannada version will be released on Thursday in Australia, Europe, UK, USA, Russia and Africa,” Karthik Gowda, film distributor, said at a pre-release event in Bengaluru. The Kannada version is to be released in 65 centres in the Middle East across UAE, Kuwait and Qatar, which is the highest for any Kannada film so far. Due to issues with censorship, the movie release will be delayed in Africa and Russia.

“In the past, it would have taken about 100 days for a Kannada film to reach the Rs one crore club. These days Kannada movies are reaching Rs 100 crore club in about three weeks,” said Crazy star V Ravichandra, talking about the efforts by the industry to expand its frontiers. 

The filmmaker have claimed that many theatres, especially in Kalyana Karnataka region that were previously shut down would reopen only to screen the movie.

For the first time in the history of Santosh theatre, the movie will be screened at 6.30 am. In order to combat piracy, which would come with a movie of such bearings, the filmmakers have engaged two anti-piracy teams. Court notices have been slapped against Airtel and Jio against permitting any attempts to upload the movie on their networks.

“In some countries, uploading a film immediately is legally permitted. We are helpless. However, we can block the content uploaded abroad from entering India. We are doing it,” said Krishna, director of the movie.

While the movie is about wrestling, the audience gets much more. “Wrestling game is a small portion in the movie. There is an emotional story that will connect to the audience well,” Gowda remarked.

Shooting the movie was no easy feat, with Sudeep insistent that his performance be realistic.

He watched numerous videos of wrestlers and boxer Muhammad Ali. Over the course of shooting, he sustained numerous injuries.

“A movie should either be good or bad, but not wrong. Definitely, Pailwaan is not a wrong movie,” says the actor. 

Next role as a cricketer

Sudeep is considering playing the role of a cricketer. He has proved his cricket playing abilities in real life by associating with the Celebrity Cricket League. “I’m thinking of doing a film on cricket. Distributor Karthik Gowda needs to invest about Rs 200 crore for the project,” he said. Gowda agreed.

Daughter stunned

Sudeep’s daughter couldn’t believe when Kichcha showed his pictures as a wrestler. “Is it you, papa?” she asked me. “She was hesitant to trust me. I had to perform stunts and exercises to prove myself!” Sudeep said.

Release across states

The movie will be released in 400 theatres across Karnataka. On Friday, the Hindi version will hit 2,400 screens. It will also be released in 400 theatres in Andhra Pradesh, 100 in Kerala and over 300 centres in Tamil Nadu in their respective languages. 

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