I’m exploring soul of folk music

I’m exploring soul of folk music

Playback singer Inchara Rao says her fascination for folk music has its roots in her childhood

Many know me as ‘Kareyole’ Inchara and some others feel that my journey in the world of music began from ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ reality show. However, I started much earlier when I was barely five years old.

I spent a better part of growing up years in Shivamogga. I lived with my grandparents whose house was located amidst the thick-forests of Western Ghats.

Those were the best days and I still hold vivid memories of my grandfather’s bhajans and grandmother’s lullabies, my swaying with tribals to the beats of their folk music instruments and staying up late into the night to watch Yakshagana performances. Listening to folk songs and singing them too were a big part of my childhood.

I never thought of making a career in music but folk songs were sort of stuck in my head. I was fascinated by folk beats and music. Thus began my love for Janapada songs, stories and literature. 

 As I grew up, I realise that our state is home to diverse people and cultures and the music that these people brought with them was an eye-opener. To know their music was akin to understanding their soul. Their music had so many tales to tell and I was keen to explore it all.

I began slowly but steadily delving into the world of folk music. I have sung in different styles but my introduction to the world of 12th century vachanas was a turning point and led me to greater musical exploration.

These projects further fuelled my love for music related to the tribals. This curiosity has helped me bag a project where I am collaborating with various ethnic people of Karnataka, from ‘Halakki to Gomakkalu tribes (from Uttara Kannada district).

Knowing them more closely and understanding their music has made me realise how times have changed and that change has had its effect on music as well. 

 I wish to travel extensively and meet more tribals to get a deeper insight into their music. I want to collaborate with ethnic/folk/tribal musicians and make my own version. I wish to set out on a journey to rediscover our rich traditions and preserve it for posterity. 

Inchara Rao

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