Jaggesh is a generous actor : Meghana Gaonkar

Jaggesh is a generous actor : Meghana Gaonkar

She plays the comedian-actor’s wife on screen and said it was challenging to match up to his talent

Actress Meghana Gaonkar is playing an interesting role in her recent release ‘Kalidasa Kannada Mestru’. Her earlier films were ‘Nam Areali Ondina’, ‘Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga’, ‘Tuglak’, ‘Charminar’ and ‘Bhakta Shankara’. She was last seen in ‘Simpallag Innondh Love Story’.  

The actress says that she wanted to break away from the roles she played earlier, which is how ‘Kalidasa Kannada Mestru’ happened. In a candid chat with Metrolife, she talks about her role and more. 

It’s been three years since your last release. Was it a conscious break?

I did not plan to take a break. I am immensely passionate about what I do. I don’t want to just sign projects just for the sake of it. Only if I like a story will I work in it. I listened to multiple stories for almost a year and a half but nothing clicked until this film. 

What about this film convinced you? 

The story and the character given to me matters a lot. When Kaviraj sir narrated it to me, I loved it. I was impressed by what the film was trying to say and I wanted to be a part of it. 

Tell us a bit about the role. 

I play the character of Suma who has the characteristics of Kali. The role is different from what I have played before. It is a bit villainous. I have played many roles which were performance-oriented but they were softer characters. In this film, my character had to be upset all the time and had a temper. 

The film is about a Kannada teacher, who is played by Jaggesh sir. I play his wife and a mother in the film. My character represents society and its superficiality. It is thought provoking. 

Is it important for a film to have a message?

Absolutely not. In ‘Kalidasa...’, comedy and a message came together. Many mistake someone knowing the English language as knowledgable, which can be quite wrong. The film asserts how people should be proud of speaking Kannada. 

The film also touches upon the pressure that children face in the existing education system and asserts a need for change.

Was the role challenging?

I used to have a bad temper earlier. I worked on the role by recollecting how I was in the past.  

How was your chemistry with Jaggesh?

Despite being a popular actor, he has a unique way of making co-stars feel comfortable. I was nervous initially but he was kind and would help me with my lines. 

His comic timing is impeccable and keeping up with it was a challenge. During one of the initial days of the shoot, I remember breaking down as the scene was not working out. He made the crew stop the shoot until I was able to proceed with it. Jaggesh is a generous actor. 

What is unique about the film?

Comedy is one of my favourite genres. I am not doing humorous scenes in the film. I like how the film easily communicates a message without being preachy.

In films like ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘PK’, there were strong subjects shown through humour. I believe that comedy is a strong weapon that can be used to say something in the best manner possible. 

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