Jewellery trends to look out for in 2019

Jewellery trends to look out for in 2019

Jewellery and accessories bring about that big difference in your style quotient.

The accessory trends this year will mostly be about creating your own personal style statement. I suggest that you start to collect, your own collection of jewellery that you love. Investing money only in clothes can be quite senseless in this age of fast fashion. It is really your accessories that define your look today. 

Here are some trend alerts to keep in mind when buying jewels:


Charms are an addition to your jewellery like bracelets and necklaces; it is a way of personalising. They can be used to represent what you believe in, and it gives you strength. For example, my collection ‘wear your prayer’ has fifteen 18k gold eggs, with a different prayer engraved on each of them.

Layer it up with rings and bangles

Create a mix of your favourite jewellery. You can mix and match finger rings to make it look eclectic.

Body jewellery

Body jewellery

The body chains and women mesh bustiers could be a look for the beach. However, they don’t have to be restricted. If you want to stand out,
try body chains and jewelled bustiers. Dramatise your look by dramatising your accessories.

Statement necklace and ensembles

This dramatic ensemble of jewel that I designed is clubbed with a three-dimensional outfit from Gaurav Gupta. The idea was to create a dramatic and unique evening look.  I love the multilayered necklaces from the collection of the Maharajas’ jewels and the Patiala necklace.

Reflect back

Take inspiration from historical techniques. Minakari is an age-old jewellery technique that brings colour to a piece of jewellery. The enamel looks lovely when redefined or interpreted in a traditional way. In this collection, I took inspiration from the Indian rose and created a luxurious line of jewellery.

Local crafts make global trends

I took inspiration from the beautiful craft of Bidri, Karnataka and set the pieces in white gold with natural pearls to achieve a luxurious look. I believe that blending the non-precious with the intrinsically precious metals escalates the value of the former. Try wearing jewellery made by local craftsmen and experiment with your attire. There are some rules of fashion, like there are rules in any sport that you play, but if you understand the game, the rules just make it a lot more fun once you get a hang of it. The best rule, in fashion to follow, is to be yourself.