Kannada sitcom ‘Silli Lalli’ back after a gap

Kannada sitcom ‘Silli Lalli’ back after a gap

Once a long running Kannada sitcom,‘Silli Lalli’ is back with the same characters and new actors

From the second season of ‘Silli Lalli

Silli Lalli’, a Kannada sitcoms that has completed over 1,162 episodes, is now back on screen after more than a decade. Season 2 is directed by ‘Paapa Pandu’ fame Sihi Kahi Chandru.

Though it has a different storyline, the season 2 has retained the same characters, but not the actors. The new season aired its first episode on May 20.

In a candid chat with Rakshitha M N, director Sihi Kahi Chandru talks about the various concepts introduced in the new season, the new cast and more.

What made you come up with a new season after almost a decade?
Well, we decided on the second season of ‘Paapa Pandu’ recently. Since then, people have been asking us to come up with a second season of ‘Silli Lalli’ as well. Now that it has been almost over a decade, we thought it was high time it made an appearance again. A lot of viewers wrote to us and persuaded us to come up with a new season.

‘Dr Vittal Rao’, ‘Samaja Sevaki Lalitambha’, .... these are some of the epic characters till date. Viewers have established an attachment with the actors. Now that you have different actors portraying these roles, do you think it might have a negative effect on the viewers?
I don’t think so. It’s the characters that the audience liked. I agree they might have associated the actors to these characters and hence, it might be a bit difficult to adapt to the new season. But I don’t think I have anything to worry about.

Also, there’s another reason for choosing new actors. We have not changed the timeline of the serial. The actors are all of the same age as they were 12 years ago, and the actors who portrayed these roles 12 years ago might be a little old for the roles now. Hence, choosing new actors was the best thing to do.

What changes have you made in season 2?
There are no changes as such. We have a different storyline and actors. Apart from that, everything else remains the same.

Do you have anything to say to the audience?
Yes. Please do not compare the new season to the old one; comparing the actors who portrayed the characters is not right as no one is imitating anyone here. All of them have different styles. They will take time to gain your love, indeed, but stay with us.

(Silli Lalli is aired on Colours Super at 9 pm.)